3 of my favourite sites to enchance productivity

Being productive is nor easily done and some days it feels harder than others to get things done. The reasons might not always be clear but disorganisation, stress or distractions are a few examples.

Luckily the internet is full of helpful tools to help you get back in the flow of things.

These are three of my favourite sites to help you get on the right path.

3 sites that enhance my productivity and help me get more done every day. Check this list out if you are searching for tools to help you stay on top of work.


We can always use some help with organising bigger project or goals. Trello is a site based on the business method called scrum named after American football technics.

While this method is meant for working in larger groups the Trello site is a great tool for managing your own projects as well.

In Trello, you can start a board per project making it possible to order different project at once.

When you have created a board you can use cards for separate mini tasks and at descriptions, links and colour codes. You can make a list where you can drag these cards to.

A great way to manage them, for instance, it making a list of tasks to be done, tasks in progress and the tasks that are done.

A scrum site that can help you be more productive is Trello!

Overall it creates a great tool for ordering processes.

When you are working with others you can invite them to board you have created and they can view, add and change cards and lists.

It also comes with other options like making cards look like the are ageing so that you know which are the oldest, plus you can add due dates to everything.

Overall it is a site full of possibilities and I am quite excited to hear how others would use it.


I never thought I would be more productive with more sound around me but apparently I am. In school, you are made believed that a quiet environment is the best place to work but not everybody likes this.

Noisli provides the perfect ‘white noise’ (background noise you don’t notice) to either be more productive or more relaxed.

You can create mixes between the 16 different noises. Personally, I don’t have an account but if you did you could save certain mixes for later.

Noisli, a site that enhances productivity and one of my top 3 sites to do so.

For me, coffee shop noise with a little fire in the background is one of the best mixes to feel more productive with.

For relaxing I prefer mostly forest noises and a little bit of water streaming in the background. Not to mention seaside sounds as well.

Since having discovered this site I even downloaded the similar app called Rainy for my phone which comes with even more sound options and other features like a clock you can set for sleeping.

Stop breath & think

One of my biggest enemies when it comes to productivity is stress. I personally very effect by it and even when I try to calm myself or rationalise it may not be enough.

Stop breath & think is a great site that offers meditation exercises based on the self-evaluation.

I had not tried meditation before but this site is perfect when you want to start off. My favourite part is that you can describe your feelings and get routines that fit your feelings at that moment.

I have talked about the importance of breaks before and how Important I think they are. This site is an amazing way to take those breaks you need.

Stop, Breathe & Think site for meditation that makes me feel more productive.

The constant talking and guidance make it easier for me to actually concentrate on the exercise instead of my worries. You also have options with just nature sounds and such.

You can choose to go through the self-evaluation or to just go to the list of exercises to choose the one you like. Plus it has an entire page on how to meditate and why you would. I would highly recommend checking it out since it is full of useful information.

You don’t need an account and you can just simply go to this site when you need a breather.

Want to read more about what I use to be more productive? Find more about 3 things I do for more productivity while working from home. Or read all about how I kickstart my productivity when I need to get things done for real.

The internet is a great place and I am always enjoying finding new things that help me and work for me.

So these are my favourite sites. Let me know what you think and if you would like to add to the list please do so below.

2 Responses to “3 of my favourite sites to enchance productivity

  • Thank you Sofie, I tried out Noisli (listening to it at the moment) and I’m also giving Trello a go. I love my Google Keep but it’s a bit limited when it comes to project organisations. It’s amazing to keep quick notes and reminders though. I used to keep all my tasks in my notebooks but I see the benefit of not running out of space and keeping my process save. So thank you for sharing those sites 🙂

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      Hi, Romica! I am so glad you found value in this post! I am listening to Noisli right now as well!
      I never heard of google keep but it does look like a great way to keep notes on your phone.
      Unfortunately, I have quite crappy phone with a limited amount of space, so no room for anymore apps. Maybe when I have cleaned up I will try again! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reading!
      ~ Sofie

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