Habitica The site that makes being productive easy & fun

Do you sometimes feel like everything you do is a chore? Are you just idly working away on your to-do list etc? Is being productive fun to you?

I have found the most amazing site ever that makes all you chores, to-do’s and more in a great fantasy game!

Do you sometimes feel like you to-do lists could be more fun? Meet the site that makes productivity into a great fantasy game.

Habitica was first introduced to me by my boyfriend. I  must admit that at first it sounded very vague to me and I didn’t think I would like it at all. But the whole concept is great and the added game component  just makes is extra fun.

What is it?

Habitica is a site that helps you be more productive. It has a to-do list like all good productivity apps have! You can add deadlines and you can add the level of difficulty for any to do and when you finish it, it simply disappears.

But it also has great other features like dailies, where you can simply include thing you want to do every day  (or just certain days). Another great option is the habit builder. This option gives you the option to set a goal and then upvote or downvote the effort you have made.

Why is it fun?

Behind the whole productivity site lies a little game. You get a little pixel avatar that you can level and equip. By doing your to-do and dailies you get more experience and money.

With the experience, you level with the money you can either equip your little avatar. Or you can set your own awards for money. For example, a break might cost you 5 gold. You favourite snack might be 10 gold. Etc.

My favourite part

Apart from all the amazing options that it gives you to be more productive, I really have my favourite feature.

In the game, you can have an animal companion. These companions come in eggs that get randomly dropped when you finish your tasks. For every egg, you need a hatching portion. These potions come in different kinds as well.

So you could find a bear cub egg and a white potion and get yourself a white little bear cub.

Some other amazing features

This site is very broad and there are tons of options. You can create teams and work together. You can fight bigger monsters to get more experience (and do a little team bonding)

And if you are sick, traveling, on holiday, you can send you avatar to the inn where he can rest. This will automatically stop the dailies and the habits and you won’t take any damage from not doing them.

A little staring guide 


One of the cons of the site is that there are so many options that it might feel a little overwhelming. While the site does have a little tour, I did not find it very clear. 

The first collum is habit-cards that you can upvote or downvote multiple times a day. Dailies reoccur every day and you finish them every day (or some days of the week). To-do’s you can add every day and they disappear after you have done them. You can add your own rewards in the last collum.

Your scoring starts immediately so setting it up should be your first step.

To edit a card click it after you have created it. You can add times, notes and other things based on the category.

Habitica made me being productive a lot more fun. It is definitely worth trying out if you are in a slump. I love how well thought out this site is.

For me, it really helped me to get working on some new things again.

Let me know if you are trying it out! I would love to know what you think. 


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