Gratitude and celebrating small wins in business

The pillars of being happy in you business journey. Gratitude and celebrating small wins.

There are a lot of studies which support the fact that being grateful can make you feel happier. The feeling of gratitude or feeling thankful is often a joyful feeling and thus making you happy.

Happiness is something that a lot of us want. When you are happy it is easier to work and brainstorm and to continue even when things get hard.

That is also why it is important to be grateful for your business and work.

Gratitude and celebrating small wins in business to increase happiness and productivity!

How to do it

Since I have been trying to do this more I have come up with five questions that I want to answer at least once a week so I can try to really be happy while being in this journey.

I all answer this business related because that is where I want to feel more thankful and happy about.

The questions;

  • what did I do well today

  • what am I grateful for today

  • what is a small win I can celebrate

  • one compliment to myself

  • one thing I look back at and love about my journey so far

Theses questions also include small wins and some self-compliments. I really get caught up in all the things that don’t go well or things I haven’t done yet.

To get past this I want to celebrate some small wins so you keep looking towards the things you did do and achieved.

Here are my answers from this week;

What did I do well today?;

I started working right away and went through my to-do list super quick. I felt super productive and did some extra work!

What am I grateful for today?;

The friends that I made on this journey that keep supporting me and make great business buddies.

What is a small win I can celebrate:?

Working on this for 6 months without giving up and even seeing some process.

One compliment to myself;

I think I showed a lot of persistence through the last six months and that is something I want to be as a person.

One thing I look back at and love about my journey so far;

How it has enabled me to draw and create more than I did before.

Want to hear more about gratefulness and how this works to make you happier? You can listen to this great TED-talk by David Steindl-Rast.

I would love to hear you answers in the comments below!

I also made a worksheet that you can print out that has these questions four times so you can print 1 for an entire month! Find it in the library. 

2 Responses to “Gratitude and celebrating small wins in business

  • Love this Sofie! As a relatively new creativepreneur myself, it’s so easy to feel like you don’t have anything to celebrate when you have reach “success” yet. I love this reminder to celebrate the small wins and am going to try to incorporate it into my work life, thanks!

    • artsbysofie
      8 years ago

      I am so glad that you found value in this. Your site is so gorgeous, it looks so amazing.
      I am very excited for your journey and process. I’ll definitely follow you along.

      ~ Sofie

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