Branding part two; a business – Tips and resources

I think that the main principle of branding a business is consistency. It does not matter where or what you want to do with your business your branding should be in every aspect of it.

You can see your blog as your business or you can go for a different business model. Maybe you want to sell courses or have an Etsy store. Regardless of the kind of business you start you will still need to brand it.

Think custom banners and ways for people to recognise you. The easiest is to make it fit with your blog since consistency is one of the main ideas of branding.

In this part, I want to discuss some other important elements of branding like social media and your logo.


Brand and Business

So the first step is to make your Business fit the brand or the brand fit the business. For example, you started a blog and now you want to make it into a business and sell ebooks.

The easiest way for you to brand this new aspect is to make it fit your old brand. This way it all is still recognisable as yours and helps you build a name.

This means that you’ll want to use the same fonts and colours that we discussed in the last post. You can always make a small variation make your product stand out. Like, if you normally only use greys maybe choose a new accent colour for your book. Or find a new texture or print in the right colours.

Your brand isn’t limiting you if you use it creatively.

Untitled design (12).png


Some of the main elements of your business are the same of those of your blog. Like the logo and the colour scheme.

If you blog and business have separate elements you also have to brand you business. This means, for example, the banners of your Etsy shop or the colours of your new site. You can always make a small variation on both for your business or blog. Like making the logo a different colour or a slightly simplified version.

If your business name is different from your blog name colour and style can really help. If you use the same set up and the same font they will still appear to belong to the overall brand.

Most companies actually do have variations on their main elements so you can always fit it to every opportunity or new product.

Social media

Another important part of marketing is the part where you use social media. Every single platform has different rules and layouts.

The hard part is to find a way to fit your brand into every single one of them.

twitter all set up

The 3 main element in most social media are

  • profile picture

  • biography

  • content

Profile picture

The easiest and the first step is probably your profile picture. If you use the same picture over on all the social media sites people will more easily recognise you.

You can style your picture according to your brand.



Every site has its own limit on the amount of words or characters you are allowed to use. Some sites don’t even have this option. But when they have you can use it fo branding.

For example your keywords or your motto. I think the main thing is to have some kind of version of the same thing so it is recognisable.

But don’t forget to optimise your profile for every separate site so you will be easily found!


The last and maybe the thing that most matters is your content. You can use your social media to share your blog and business to the world.

To be successful, you have to have something to offer that people want to read or see. Some social media sites might be easier for you than others.

You don’t have to be on all of them but just choose a little variation. Maybe one for sharing content like your blog posts (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook) and one more visual platform (Instagram, Tumblr).

Art tumblr.PNG

You can then think about the tone you want your content to have. Funny, helpful, personal. It is good to have a variety of content but having an overall tone can help curate new stuff.

Also choosing a photo style can be important. Like do you want bright colours or black and white?

If you want to know more about branding your social media then this article by Chloe social might help!

Overall branding a blog and a business are not all that different. Especially if you have them combined.

So for your business goes the same. Your brand isn’t set in stone. It might grow with you as your skills and

2 Responses to “Branding part two; a business – Tips and resources

  • There is so much useful information in this post! Branding can be so challenging – but these tips are so smart. I definitely think it’s important to be consistent across the board and something that has taken me time to achieve. I never even thought about branding my headshot – fantastic and this is now on my to do list!

    • I’m glad there was something new in here for you! 🙂 It can be definitely hard to be consistent but I try to go about it one step at a time! Thank you so much for reading Kristin !

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