How to make beautiful Pinterest infographics for any blog post

You probably have heard that beautiful infographics are amazing for your blog. You can use them on Pinterest and drive traffic to your posts. But maybe, like me, you also thought most infographics look kinda not as pretty as you had hoped?

I mean bright coloured cartoonish infographics are great and fun. They do really well and stand out. But they simply don’t fit my brand.

So instead I started looking into how to create stylish infographics that help compliment my blog and make my content shine. I have been very inspired by some of the great things I have been seeing on Pinterest. I mean these people do infographics right.

So how can you create great infographics for you blogs posts? This is a case study of some of my favourite pins.

Start with your brand colours

Obviously, you want your infographics to be on brand. Unfortunately, I have changed my brand colours about 3 times or so, but we will just use those I have now.

Importantly, if you have a big pallet of brand colours, know that you don’t have to use all the colours. You probably knew this but just in case.

We are creating an infographic that actually fits our brand and aesthetic.

My number one tip is to keep it simple. A clean design is always easier on the reader. It also makes your graphics look more professional and put together.

One or two colours might be enough.

Start with a template

Starting with a template is always the best. Unless of course, you are a professional designer. Then you probably don’t need this post either.

I personally use Canva to design most of my images so that is also the templates that I will be using.

A example on how I edited a template to fit my style

You need to use templates because they give you a nice base. You can change almost everything about them. But they are a great guideline to start with.


However, you do need to change them so much so that they are not necessarily immediately recognisable as the template. Trust me other bloggers will notice if you have used a template and barely changed it.

Here you see an example of how I edited a great template to fit my own brand more. I tried adding some other elements and of course, I changed all the colours.

Start analysing the post you want an infographic off

What kind of content do you want to offer? It is easiest to make it like a little overview of your post. But of course, you can also be offering content. It is totally up to you.

Making an overview

List posts are the easiest because you can just copy the list items. Make sure these give some information, write an exciting heading and a good intro and you have the content of the infographic.

Even if it is not a numbered post you can still use this if you are listing anything. Even if that is just part of the post. Even better because then you can hint at the rest of the content in the post, which makes it more likely people will click through.

If it is a how-to post you can describe the steps you need to take. Make sure you are giving someone a solid idea of what the tutorial is for. But maybe keep the in-depth explanation of the topics to the blog post.

Infographics should definitely be helpful.  But better even if they make people click through.

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Thing you need to include

Your blog branding. Apart from the colours, you also need to make sure your name or logo is there. Make the infographics easy to recognise as yours.

Also, something else that is very important to include; Your URL. People steal images all the time. It is weird and I am sure some don’t do on purpose. Having your URL on the Infographic helps people find the original source in case of people linking wrong or theft. This is super easy to do when designing.

What do all great infographics that I love in common?
1. They are simple
2. They are on-brand
3. They offer value but they also want to make you click through.
Such is the true value of a good infographic.

10 amazing sites that help you make a great blog. Want to know more? Click through to the blog!

Here is the pin I have made based on this post;
10 useful sites to help design you an amazing blog

It is based on an easy list post. I hope it is valuable to people who are looking for useful sites to help them design.

But it also makes them click through to see what these sites are about! 

Why not share some of the infographics you have made in the comments and I promise to take a look.

Also, it would be lovely if you wanted to share this post with all you Pinterest friends.

Creating beautiful info-graphic for any blog post. Make Pinterest work for you!


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  • These are great tips! I always enjoy finding new infographics on Pinterest and creating them is fun as well 🙂

    • artsbysofie
      5 years ago

      Thank you, Maru! I loved it when I find a really pretty infographic. It personally almost makes my heart beat faster. haha!
      ~ Sofie

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