How to write new and exciting content in a saturated niche

We all know it. There are a lot of blogs out there. And most of them are amazing and packed filled with great articles and some of them cover the same topic as you. How can you stand out with original exciting new content in a saturated niche?

I am not sure how many apple pie recipes there are, but I am quite sure that it would be hard to write an original article on it since there are 38.400.000 google search results on that topic.  (And apparently  303.000.000 results for and chocolate apple pie. But I have never had one?) Point is, how can you, a starting blogger, write great original pieces in this saturated blog world?

But first, what does a saturated niche mean? You probably chose a niche for your blog. You know the topic you are covering kinda. But some niches, like blogging about blogging, are super crowded. This means that there is loads of competition but also a big audience for that niche. 

Does this mean you should not blog in that niche? No! But it does mean that it can be hard to write an original piece of content that hasn’t been done a lot of time already!

(I, btw, do not claim in any way that my blog posts are all amazingly original. I try though.)   

Original Content

The three steps to creating original and new content in a saturated niche

  1. Stay up to date
  2. Stay creative
  3. Make it more “you”


Keep up to date with news in your niche

One of the best ways to stay relevant is to know what is relevant to the niche you are blogging in. This means; what is new and what are topics that are being discussed. For example, for me, it would be blogging and money making tips for artists as well as new art supplies and products. 

But how do you find out what is going on in your niche? Here is where staying up-to-date with the news comes in! 

Google updates/alerts

These are a great way to stay up to date with a variety of topics. Get overviews of topics right into your email box. They are also super easy to set up.

  1. Go to google alerts
  2. Type the words in that you want google alerts for
  3. Choose a time you want to receive them and either a daily or a weekly mail.

I would advise choosing topics in your niche, maybe your own business name & some important keywords. But make sure you are not flooding your inbox. These google alerts are great to just skim sometimes to get an overview of what people are posting about.


Follow big bloggers in your niche

Bigger bloggers are often trendsetters. It is great to follow the big names in your niche to get a sense of what the topics are that are being discussed. Bigger bloggers are influencers in your niche! They also get approached a lot by brands and new start-ups and if they mention these this will indicate that the bigger blogger thinks well of these products. Reason for you to check them out as well!


Subscribe to newsletters

Newsletters are also updates that come directly to your inbox. I love things that come directly to my inbox because it means I don’t have to go out looking for them.

When I say “subscribe to newsletters” I don’t just mean bloggers’ newsletters. Almost everything and everyone has a newsletter nowadays. Aside from subscribing to newsletters of the bloggers in your niche here are some other ideas.

  • newsletters of companies that offer services
  • brands that provide products for your niche
  • companies that are related to your niche

But for these newsletters also goes quality above quantity. If you are getting too many newsletters chances are you are going to read none of them! Subscribe to the newsletters that are not only important to your niche but also provide value to you in some way. 

If there is something new in your niche, say a new platform or product, there probably isn’t that much content on it yet. Like my post on the new tool I discovered; Metricool!

However, you do need to know if the product/platform/etc is worth your time. Not everything new in your niche is content worthy. But I am sure you can judge that for yourself! Just think of your ideal reader and what would they like to know about?

Getting creative

Think outside the box. That is how most new ideas are thought of. If you had no limits and there were no obstacles what would you be doing right now?


Original ideas and creativity

Original ideas are often very closely related to being a creative person. Of Course, original ideas come not just from the topics that you are covering, but also the way you are covering them. Find a way to talk about a topic that you haven’t seen yet.

For example; I have seen loads of posts including my own on 10 Ted talks for creative business owners. This is definitely not an original topic anymore. But if you can find a way to bring it in an original way that can still make a new a fresh piece of content.

Read more;

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Creativity exercises

If you feel like you are not a very creative person, why not try some creativity exercises. This can range from mind-maps and free-writing too solving puzzles. Exercising your brain to think outside the box could help you come up with a great new idea.

(side note though; a completely new and original idea is hard but less covered ideas/ topics are a starting point!)

Think outside the box.


Make it more you

Including your personality in a post makes it more you. And you are unique!

Remember to include your own point of view

I wrote about this is my blog post; Help! All the topics I come up with are already used!

Including your own perspective on things already makes it a more original piece of content. Are you a mom of three busy kinds and it that why you love automation for your blog or are you like me a science student that dreams of a career in art and wants to help others achieve it alongside her? Your perspective on things matters because it offers a unique view on what the content can do for the reader.

Keep it original by using your own blogging style

Aside from your own point of view, there is also the way you present the content. Are you someone who likes to include puns and a casual writing style? Or do you like to make your post into literary masterpieces?

Maybe you like to include a fitting gif with every point you make. The way you deliver the content matters to your audience. A great distinguishable writing style definitely makes you stand out.  

Btw, did you know that there is something like moving animated infographics? That is a very original way to present any points. I am in love. 

Final note: apart from writing great original content in a saturated niche there is another great way to make your niche less competitive. That is; “finding a very targeted audience.” Like “blogging for ambitious women” is already quite broad. “Blogging for people fresh out of college” is already more targeted. (These are terrible examples btw, I am not an expert on targeting audiences. ) 

When you find your target audience it will also get easier to find topics that are really relevant to your group of people, but not necessary to other people. Thus making the topic covered less often and making your post more original. 

In the end, if you are blogging in a niche that you enjoy and you are passionate about it, it will show in your content! There is no reason to not blog about those things!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Don’t be afraid to comment them down below. Let’s help each other! 

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How to create new exciting content in a saturated niche! Blogging in any saturated niche and how to proved new topics!

8 Responses to “How to write new and exciting content in a saturated niche

  • For me , I think, being yourself is a lot of work. It sounds funny but it’s so easy to get tempted to be who you think someone else wants you to be. It’s not as messed up as it sounds. I just think the temptation is always there. Maybe stepping back before posting or blogging and asking oneself” “Do I really believe that or does that sound like me,etc?” might be some help. Or maybe it’s better to just be spontaneous and jump right in there and that’s one’s true self. Tough one.
    Nice article! Great advice! Thanks Sofie.

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      Those are some great thoughts! I love that tip on taking a step back to think about if that really sounds like me. To be honest I have only been starting out with finding out what exactly sounds “like me” (or who I am but that is an entirely different issue). And also, with English not being my first language, it is hard sometimes to find the right tone. I keep trying to literally translate sayings.

      This is lovely advice. It is great hearing from you!

  • Thanks for sharing, online is so saturated that if you`re just getting started, it can be scary.But I feel there is enough room for us all, as long as you write top quality content that is informative, you`ll always have readers.
    Still brilliant tips, thanks for sharing.

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      That is very true. I also just heard something that adds to that as well.
      “People are waiting to hear it worded your way, even if they have heard it loads of times” Also there always more readers coming online as well so I guess it balances out! Thank you for your input!

  • Very good points,e specially newsletters from businesses that may be in your niche. That certainly helps!

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      Yes! I am subscribed to loads of those. Also super helpful if you might want to pitch to those businesses in the feature! Thank you for your comment!

  • Yes, creativity is a great thing to churn up when you are trying to be more original and fun. Thinking outside of the box will help to give a truly unique spin on a post.

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      I totally agree! I love posts that are outside of the box. So much fun to read!

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