10 tips to make Inktober 2017 a big success!

Inktober is here! Today is officially the first day of Inktober! But don’t worry if you read this late, you can still join in. Here are some tips you can use to have a very successful Inktober 2017!

Over the last year, Inktober has grown to be a huge event in the artist’s community. Originally it was invented by Mr Jake Parker who is a professional artist who works in ink a lot.

While the challenge comes with some “official” rules, there are many ways you can bend, break or change the rules to fit yourself and have a fantastic experience.

Of Course, staying close to the original rules is a lot of fun as well!  

Last year I joined the challenge and almost got 31 drawings. I posted my best drawing from last year here. This year I am going to try again, so be sure to follow me on Instagram.


But first some tips I learned from my last run to have a successful Inktober 2017 ;

1 Plan in advance

Inktober is a 31-day drawing challenge and that is a lot of days. If you have a busy period, think something like a birthday, an exam week, or maybe you need to finish some orders, try keeping this in mind in advance. While the challenge technically states to make an ink drawing every single day, you will still get your fun and practise if you cheat a day and make two drawings so you can skip the next day. This way you still end up with 31 finished works!

2. Use the prompts & brainstorm ideas

Making 31 separate unique drawings each with their own unique theme can be challenging. Luckily there is already an official prompt list for Inktober 2017 written by the original creator Jake Parker. These prompts can give you a great starting point for coming up with ideas.

If you don’t like the original prompts you can also simply search the internet for other prompt lists  made by people who are joining the challenge as well (I saw some great ones on Instagram or check out this one)

Plus, if you want to come up with some very unique ideas, try brainstorming with the original prompts. Using mind maps and other brainstorming techniques can give you a new angle to approach the prompt from

3. Try new art supplies

This is also a great time to try out some new art supplies. Since part of Inktober is all about learning, getting comfortable with a new kind of pen is a great experiment. You can also try using dip pen or inking with brushes. There are many different ink art supplies.

For me, Inktober last year was my first time using my Pentel brush pen, and since then it has really grown on me!

(Read more; Fine liners vs Dip pens for inking your drawings )

4. Add Shading or colours

Getting bored of black and white? There are no rules against coloured ink or ink washes. They are amazing ways to create other kinds of pictures then you’re used to. Or help you stay motivated through the month by providing new possibilities. 

5. Make pencil sketches

Making a pencil sketch either on the side or under the actual inking can help you get a feel for the idea you’re working on. I especially like to work out the anatomy of whatever I am working on since I never get that right the first time.

Of course, if you want it to be more challenging, going on to directly inking is great as well!

6. Follow other participants

You’re all in the boat so checking out other people progress regularly can be a great way to motivate yourself as well. Plus it is really fun to see what other people come up with when following the prompts.

Also, the overall autumny Halloween vibes are just a lovely start of the season!

7. Try drawing new subjects

Inktober is also partly meant to be a learning experience. Even though, the most important thing, of course, is to have fun. But if you are up for it, this is the perfect time to try to draw things you don’t normally draw as much. I really want to try to make more story like illustrations this year for example, which includes more backgrounds. Last year I almost did none of those, so it will be interesting to try that out.    

It is not about perfection!

8. Use the right Hashtags

When sharing your ink works don’t forget to use the relevant hashtags so people can see your work. This is the season that everybody goes around finding new artists to follow so if that is something you are interested in don’t forget to use them for your own post.

Also, don’t forget to check these regularly to find new amazing artists in the challenge as well!

9. Keep your drawings and sketches save

This is just something I forgot to do last year and that is putting all the works away in a portfolio/folder or something. I may have left some works out too long on my desk and with two cats you never know what could happen to those.

It is also a lovely idea to keep your works together in order so you can always look back at the entire inktober. (This is also going to be great motivation for next year!)

10. Have fun

The most important thing about inktober is probably to have fun. So even if you miss a day, start late, don’t have time to do it every single day; you can still join and have fun. If you get discouraged or bored there are always other artists out there to help and motivate you!

This challenge is a great opportunity to dip your toes into the artist community.

So I would love to hear if you are joining Inktober this year. If you are, be sure to leave a link to your Instagram (or anywhere else you are sharing your drawings) in the comments!

If you have any more tips for people joining Inktober, please leave those in the comments as well and let’s help each other!

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