A day in the life of an artist and solo-entrepreneur; lots of coffee

Working from home looks different for everyone. Some people have strict schedules. Other work when they feel like it.
There are no wrong or right ways, only the way that works best for you.
I love seeing how other people fill in their day working from home and how they handle everyday problems.
So I wanted to share a day in the life of me as an artist and creative solo-entrepreneur.

This is a description of a day on which my planning would be perfect and I did not have to go anywhere. This is obviously not the case every day, that would be boring.
How does a day working from home typically look like for me?

9:00 rise and shine
I wake up and check my email and social media while laying in my bed. Not the most productive habit but I love seeing people’s comments and reactions as a positive start of the day.
I try to react to any comments and emails and then I make a list of things I have to do that day.
Lastly, I prioritise this list so I can do my most important things first!
I begin the day with making sure I will be productive as a solo-entrepreneur aka clothes
10:00 Coffee time!
I get out of bed and put one some clothes and then I proceed down stair for a good cup of coffee. While I brew this coffee I like to Surf around some more.
Pinterest and Tumblr are definitely my guilty pleasures, but I also try to do some social media managing if I can.
10:30 real business time
Business time for me looks like a lot of writing for my blog and trying to manage multiple bigger projects. At the moment I spend time on my Society6 shop and an online class at the same time!
And there are many other exciting things coming.
Sometimes I also need to work on commissions and such in this time! I like to work on my more official work first before I start to go on to personal work. I try to stretch every 30 minutes, but I’m often to immersed into work to really remember. While drawing, I like to watch some video’s or listen to music.
12:00 More coffee and lunch!
Around 12:00 I go downstairs again to make coffee and make lunch! I love making delicious lunches like tuna wraps. When I sit down and eat for lunch I try to really make that my break so I try to not be online then.
I often fail because I feel the need to write something or edit a photo, but I have good intentions.
 coffee time every break is more productivity in the long run
13:00 Painting and business
My afternoons really depend on what has to get done. If I have no really jobs laying around then this will be my painting and draw time.
This is also the perfect time for the light in my room to take pictures.
15:00 Breaks, breaks, and breaks

I need my breaks. Especially if I have spent my afternoon just working. I think relaxing makes the rest of the day a lot more productive.

If you are feeling stressed by being an entrepreneur, found a wonderful post on how not to.

Warm feet for the winter solo-entrepreneur in a creative business

16:00 back to business.
Last business time opportunities around this time. I like to keep my workdays obvious. This way I’m more likely to relax in the evening and have a good night sleep.
17:30 Dinner time
Delicious dinner is usually served at this time. It is one of my favourite times of the day because I get to sit and talk with my family over gorgeous food.
19:00 walk
After dinner and coffee, me and my mother like to take a walk. Not only is walking extremely healthy, in summer we also get to walk through the woods. I love nature and mostly woods, so this is amazing for me every single time!
19:30 drawing and painting
After my walk, I usually spend the evening either with drawing and painting often digitally or I read and surf the internet. I’m really trying to get my reading on again.
I love books and reading and now that drawing is part of my “job” I like would like to use reading as my hobby and form of relaxation.
My digital work environment for creative entrepreneurs
I usually keep going until I’m tired and then it is bedtime.
Granted, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but I think it is a day full of thing that I love. That might be one of the best things about working from home. The bad thing about working from home is staying productive and I do have a post with 3 tips on how to do that. 
And if you want to specifically know about how I prepared for the winter days you can read it here.
I saw a lot of people do this so if you have a post like this do link them in the comments and I will check it out (I am a curious creature).
Or let me know how your general day looks like in the comments if you like!
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5 Responses to “A day in the life of an artist and solo-entrepreneur; lots of coffee

  • What a great post as we don’t always see how other artist operate in their homes. I try to follow a strict 9-4 regime every day and as you say working from home feels free and peaceful. Thanks for sharing your routine and have a productive day 🙂

    • I love keeping my working s=times strict but I often go over them when inspiration for a blog post or something hits me. 🙂 Thank you so much for the compliment. I hope you have a great and productive day as well​! 🙂

  • Sounds like your doing a pretty good job of managing your day! I hate to say this but I’m a weekend warrior – by that, I try to cram so much stuff in on the weekend because during the week I feel like I don’t get all the time I need to myself. So I work Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm grind with 1 hour commute, I just changed my schedule to work 9 hour days with every other Monday off and on the Monday’s off – I’m dedicating at least 6 hours to creative work and 3 hours to typical household chores and grocery shopping. Most of my evenings after work consist of helping my kids, and spending time with my husband. When I get moments to myself – I love to walk, play with two cats, two dogs and love reading before bed and if I can’t sleep then I get up and work at my craft table while and usually end up finishing something! On the weekends I try to at least spend 4 hours on both Saturday and Sunday creating (working right side of my brain)…it’s what helps me get through my work week as a management assistant (where I work the left side of my brain) I always aim for balance! Some week’s are better than others.

    • I love cats! That sounds like a very busy life. Thank you for sharing. I think finding balance is indeed very important and I’m impressed at how you manage to plan that in. I think in general everybody has great and not so great weeks. Mostly for me that means that I spend a lot more time on my breaks in the day and then end up working till 10 in the evening. Not the best case. But self-motivation and lots of planning get me back on track mostly. I love seeing how other people plan their creative time and I think it’s amazing that you manage to squeeze​ in another 6 hours in with your new schedule. I hope it keeps working for you and that you have a wonderful​ week (and all weeks ahead! :))

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