How to beat feeling overwhelmed & get things done!

Sometimes things just seem so big that starting on them can be a massive block to overcome. Especially when you undertake those projects in the public eye as a creative entrepreneur.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be an honest journal of how I set up my own business. Like so many bloggers, however, I get sometimes over obsesses with the views and the stats. Of course, those are important to me as I want to set up a business but it wasn’t the main goal.

I really noticed this when I kept doubting about writing this piece. I wondered if it wasn’t better to write about how I pack my work or my top 3 blogging tools (all coming soon) instead of an honest piece of what I’m going through.

The problem is that if I want, to be honest then I have to share some downfalls as well. As much as the next person I want to be that 100% positive and motivated person that can go on endlessly to get to her goals. Instead, I’m just human.

So this is a post about how I’m not perfect but try to keep going anyway.

Get through the tough spots in your business and set yourself to work!

Everybody has days like today were writing another blog post seems like an immense task (me this morning). Or that deadline seems impossible. That thing you needed to be done three weeks ago that you still need to make that suddenly seems so much more important.

In the end, I am writing this post. So I did something right.

So how to motivate yourself, get up and beat the overwhelming feelings? 

Get comfortable or uncomfortable. 

When I write I mostly do that on my bed. It is definitely not the best work environment as I tend to just fall asleep. When I only need to add some photos, however, this really doesn’t matter.

But on mornings like this, it was just not possible. So I moved to the downstairs dinner table.

Reversed; sometimes I will sit at my desk for ours and get stuck or in a rut. Moving to my bed or getting a blanket and curling up can really help me get into a new mindset.

Changing your environment can change your mindset.

Drinks of choice

My drink of choice would be either water or coffee. Sometimes when I feel very hazy I just need something cooling. The coffee I drink to just get myself going.

I should mention that I have the tendency to drink not nearly enough.  This can also make a person feel tired or without energy. So drinking for me can really help solve the problem. In the case of coffee, the caffeine just keeps me awake.



Kind of the same as drinks. Sometimes the lack of motivation or energy is not in my head but just a real lack of energy. I really like to have some nuts like pecan nuts or walnuts to get some energy.

A sandwich or such works even better if it happens to be related to for example skipping lunch (which is bad, I know). Since I read that sometimes your body confuses being thirsty with being hungry, I like to try something to drink first and only then make myself a snack. I don’t think that my body really gets confused, but an extra drink never hurts.

Breaking up to-do lists 

I’m a big fan of to-do lists. The only problem is that I tend to make ones that are over a page in length. This is great when you want an overview of what you need to do for the coming year. Less great when you feel like you have to do loads and can’t get anything finished.

When this happens I try to just take one item of my to-do list, for example, write a blog post, and just break that one into smaller tasks.

I prefer to make the small tasks as easy as possible. So if I have to make 3 pictures I will make all of them separate tasks. This way I’ll feel like I’m going through them very fast and like I’m very productive.

Read; 1 simple trick to find the motivation to keep going


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Another thing that I do is just take my planner and write everything down. I tend to keep a lot of dates and reminders in the back of my mind. Since I think I can remember them I just don’t bother putting them in my planner.

This is great when everything else goes great. When I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, however, these loose dates and task get in with the rest and suddenly it seems like I will not do anything but work and dates for the next two years.

Writing them down really helps me to see when I am free and how much work I really have.

My second trick for this is that when I do seem to have filled my entire week. I just take some of the less important tasks and I see if I can move them to the next week. For example birthday and Sinterklaas shopping for the 4th and 5th of December. Those do not have to happen this week.

Prioritizing can really help me with this. Yes, my about page need a big update. Making an obvious link to Etsy is more important. And so on.

Overall I think that the main thing is to break it all up and just keep going. None of us is perfect. Real dedication to a goal is not having it easy all the time but to keep going when things get tough. 

How to beat feeling overwhelm & get things done!

Now that I’ve written this all down I feel a lot better.

  1. Because now I have my blog post finished
  2. This was an honest and maybe even helpful post

So overall I feel like I even proved my own point.

Now I just need to make and edit the pictures but first I need breakfast. If you want to read more about productivity, I wrote a post about productivity while working from home. 

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