Metricool; the amazing free tool that helps you grow your brand

Have you heard about Metricool? Looking for a great new free tool to help you grow your blog, business and brand?

Are you one of those people struggling with google analytics? Google analytics is an amazing tool. However, it can be hard to set up, and getting the information that you want into one dashboard can difficult. Having loads of options where you can’t get half of them set up and the other half doesn’t apply to you can be frustrating. Especially when you really just needed your blog analytics easily accessible.

Or maybe you’d like to see your analytics on Twitter Instagram and your blog in one place. It can save you a lot of time switching between sites and digging up passwords you have forgotten.. (No, just me?)

Whatever your reason is, Metricool* is a great tool to check out.


Tracking, scheduling and have a good overview of your blog/business is key to having success. And in Metricool I have all of these!

Metricool * is a social media tool that combines a lot of features that I had (up until now) different sites and platforms for. Keeping on top of all these different sites could be quite a lot of work. Not to mention all the price changes and sudden disappearances of options that forced me to add other platforms.

Metricool can show you analytics for your site, twitter, facebook, facebook ads, Instagram and Linkedin. And it has tons of extra features that help you increase your stats!

The best part is, you can get almost all functions for free with this tool.  

Here are the top 5 things that I immediately noticed;

  • Very good overview

The overview Metricool gives you of your posts and statistics is simple, straight to the point and very nicely designed. You can see what is going on in the blink of an eye.

You can see when you have posted posts, what post is generating traffic and where this traffic is coming from.

  • Overview of multiple analytics

You can see the statistics of your blog, your twitter and something I wasn’t able to do before; Instagram. Switching between them is super easy and they come with relevant analytics overviews per platform.

  • Super easy to set up

It literally only took me 5 minutes to set the whole thing up. There is even a WordPress plugin that lets you connect your blog to your Metricool account so you don’t have to muck around. Fair warning though, it takes some time for your blog to connect, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up immediately like the other ones.

Especially the social media accounts though are connected almost immediately and you can see what has been going on at once.

  • lets you schedule tweets with calendar overview

Have you missed the calendar overview in some of the other free scheduling tools around? Then this is also great for you. Not only does Metricool let you schedule from their site, they offer day overview, week overview and month overview (my favourite).

I like seeing the things I schedule in a grid-like format like a month overview. For me, it just makes it a lot clearer to see what I have going on. Including How far in advance I have scheduled, and if there are any gaps or inconsistencies in the planning.

Metricool planner


The free plan lets you schedule 50 posts per month which is not that bad compared with other free scheduling tools.

  • Lets you use the Auto Lists

Honestly, I don’t think I have even scratched the surface of what can be done with this feature. It lets you create a scheduled list that can either repeat themselves (for things like your top blog posts, you sales funnels etc) or that you can add on to, to optimize posting times and frequency without a lot of extra work.


Again did I mention that you get all of this for free?

Quick mention of some smaller favourite features of mine;

  • You can see who (un)-followed you on twitter and (un)-follow right back
  • Schedules are crazy easy to make in the Auto List
  • When you look at the weekly overview for you planner they have colour coded the best posting times (I love colour codes)

So what isn’t free?

Of course, Metricool has some options that aren’t free. You, of course, want to know what you are missing out on! 

  1. The free option lets you schedule 50 a month posts. For me, this is enough in combination with the other free tools I use. This might not be enough, however, for you and your website, but as soon as you become a premium member you can schedule up to 2000 posts a month.  
  2. Metricool lets you add links to Instagram posts but again this isn’t a free option.
  3. As a free member, you can’t share your Metricool account with other team members
  4. Hashtag tracking has its own payment system which seems to start at $9.99 for 24 hours. Now I know this could be a great tool, but I haven’t tried it out and I probably won’t for a while. I just wanted to mention here that it is an option

For all the pricing options look here. This also explains which features you get at which price point.

Like most social media tools it has different plans for different price points. But unlike most free social media tools, most of the options are actually free.

(I have been seeing this more and more by the way! Still searching for the perfect free Pinterest scheduler though.)  

Looking for more free options to automate your blog and get it to the next level? Find the whole list to automate your blog for free here.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Have you tried Metricool* before or do you have any other free social media tool that you love to bits? Want me to review any other free tools that you are interested in?

Let me know in the comments and share the post so more people can find free tools to help them with their journey! 

(*These are affiliate links but all opinions expressed are my own. Just for if you want to try it out yourself.)

Struggling with loads of different tools and platforms? Grow you online presence with this amazing multi functional tool.


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