Which is better; writing on paper or on the computer?

As a blogger or business owner, you are probably writing a lot. Blog posts, descriptions, copywriting and social media are all things that need to be written. But what is the best way to write them? Are you a pen and paper kind of person or do you prefer to set your thoughts right on the screen?

Today I wanted to explore if any of the two is better then the other. Do people who write on the computer a secret advantage?

Of course, as a blogger, you always end up typing in your posts. But this is mostly to see if there is a benefit to writing on paper first.

(Hint; I wrote this post on paper first.)

Could you e more productive by using one or the other?

Writing on the computer

Let’s start with the benefits of writing directly on the computer.

  1. Less work; you already have you documents on the right device and you can easily copy the entire piece to a different tool/screen.
  2. Automatic spelling control; You don’t have to look at your spelling, the computer does it for you.
  3. Might go faster than writing; This totally depends on how good you are at typing. But I type faster than I could ever write
  4. Always readable; The faster I write on paper, the less readable it gets. I don’t have the best handwriting anyway so that get bad fast. On the computer, my letters are always readable.
  5. Find sources while writing + “crtl+c”; You can also include sources as you go instead of writing things down and bookmarking for later.

But of course, like with anything, there are bad sides about writing on the computer as well.

  1. Accidently deleting entire posts; It is the worst when you lose hours of work because you didn’t save.
  2. No drafting; I might be the only one, but I sometimes publish the first version I have written of something. (And when I read it back months later, I find out that I have written some very weird sentences.)
  3. Hard to navigate text; Again, this might just be me, but I find it quite hard to navigate in texts on the computer. You have to find the place and click, plus scrolling really gets me confused.
  4. Distractions; The last point is simple, when I write on the computer, I get distracted easily. Youtube is just a click away. I could be watching such cute cats right now.

Writing on paper

Well, now that we know the pros and cons of the computer, let’s take a look at its opponent; Paper.

What are the pros about writing on paper?

  1. Instant draft; the first version of anything that you need to read write on the computer is instantly a draft. Meaning that when you go to type it in, you get a second chance to read everything and make some improvements.
  2. Easy to add side note; You can add side notes anywhere and everywhere. And it is easy to leave them out in the final draft.
  3. Easy editing; On paper, it is easy to place not only notes but also arrows, highlights etc. You can really get as crazy as you want.
  4. Scrapping without deleting anything;  You can scrap a line without losing it forever. This makes it easier to revise and you get an overview of what you were doing.

Even though the paper is sounding good, there are of course also a downside to it.

  1. It can get messy; with all the notes, arrows and lines your draft might get a little messy.
  2. It is extra work; writing on paper and then typing it into the computer, means more work. Plus, the more you write, the more work it is going to be to figure it all out.
  3. You can lose it; (Really, you could, of course, lose digital documents as well, the chance is just less likely) When you write on paper, especially loose papers, there is a chance you will lose it before you have typed it in!

The conclusion

My official conclusion is as followed;

Computer; Get more work done.

Paper; Makes for better drafts.

Even though I use both and I like both, it is for everyone to decide on their own.

But if you want to write a good blog post, I think drafting on paper is definitely a great way to go. 

Let’s say that the best of the two is dependable on you own skills, the task and the time. You know yourself best and what you need is simply derivative of these things.

But don’t be afraid to try something else some time. If you are curious if you could write better drafts if you were writing on paper, why not try it out?

Let me know which you prefer; 

Paper or computer?

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