5 things artist bloggers are doing wrong!

There are many artists out there who know that having an artist-blog is a great idea to promote yourself as an artist. However, sometimes it is hard to find the right way to promote your artwork in this format! Here are some of the things I see going wrong with artist bloggers and what to do instead.

Hopefully, this blogpost will give some guideline to what mistakes you might see out there and what might work better. Like all advice, however, you have to keep in mind that there always someone for who this does work and I certainly don’t think you should change a winning strategy!


(Of course, blogging should be fun, so only take this advice if you are looking for a more commercial use of your blog!)

1 Not writing about relevant things

This is the number one thing I see going wrong. People who are artist bloggers but blog about the most random topics. I mostly like to follow artists blogs because I want to see their work, their updates and learn from them. (And I want to see their cats, but that is beside the point.) 

I am not saying you should not include personal things on your blog or that you can never stray from the topic. A good mix of topics can make your blog more interesting and fun to follow, but that does also mean posting on the topic of art!  

I have more on how you approach that angle in my post: 

How to write a successful artist blog

2. Not writing at all

Just uploading pictures is also not the way to go on an artist-blog. I want to know more about you as a person and I want to know what I am looking at.

Providing insight, thoughts and process are just ways you can add value to your art posts!

Just a picture will bore people fast, but your personality can charm people into staying.

Also blogging platforms are not ideal for just posting pictures than social media like Tumblr (which is also kind of a blogging platform but different) and Instagram. Which still requires a good description, by the way.


3. Having bad or no pictures

People like visuals. Pictures, film, GIFs, and infographics do better online. Even when it is as simple as a sign-up form >> Having breaks in your text is super important! But the better the visuals the better your blog! 

If you are sharing your art work, it deserves a good picture. You can read all about taking the best picture of your art work in this post right here.  

(If you are uploading it, also make sure you are giving it a watermark to protect it against art theft!)

As artist bloggers, we already have great visuals, so it should not be a problem! 

4. Not being personal enough

Don’t get too personal! We don’t want to endanger our privacy. However, when you are an artist I feel you are also a brand. Not sharing things about yourself will not help you grow an audience. People love feeling a connection!


So share some things about yourself and show some personality. Some examples are sharing your story about how you got where you are or some of your homelife. There are many ways that we can “seem” more personal with our audience. And again this will help you grow a connection.

5. Not promoting yourself and your work enough

If you are too busy just providing value, but you are not telling them what you are selling, people might just not find your work. Make sure you mention your work regularly, tell them about sales and where they can buy your art.


It’s is not weird, it is not bragging. It is your job and nobody will do it for you. If it was someone else’s work you might not hesitate to promote it like crazy. So don’t hesitate to do that for yourself.


Especially when you spend a lot of you other time on providing value for you readers.  

Luckily it is not rocket sience! Overall I would say these are pretty easy to fix once you know what does and doesn’t work. Having an interesting blog can really help your audience grow and it can help you get a connection with those people. Done right, it can even become a source of income.

Good content is the biggest basic to a successful blog. Get the basics right and you are already a step further to make your passion your job!

So let me know, do you do some of these? Do you see them around you? And what would your best advice be for artist-bloggers?

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