A perfect day in my life; Artists, blogger & entrepreneur

We all have dreams and ideas about how your perfect day would look like. I like thinking about that sometimes. Mostly about how it would be if this would all work and I could be a blogger, artist and entrepreneur for a living.

So because I am a dreamer I thought I would take you on a journey to how a perfect day would look in my future life. All the things I want and dream of described in a single blog post

What a perfect day in my life would look like to me as an artist, blogger and entrepreneur! A small peak into my dream world!

Warning; the following blog post has a lot of cups of coffee and painting.

My perfect mornings

Waking up in the morning in a cute bedroom (I’m thinking white & wood with some rustic nature elements & lots of soft fabrics and stuff) While my husband brings me a cup of coffee.

The husband is optional the coffee isn’t.

Then I would go and get some healthy breakfast. Maybe some orange juice and fruit. Definitely, some more coffee right then and there and I would hope for it to be a sunny day.

Maybe it is a summer day and I will have breakfast outside in the garden that I would have.

Now the really exciting part.

In my perfect world, I have  a pretty notebook where I have everything organised (what a dream).

I would have a to-do list ready and then I would take my laptop and go to my working area.

It would probably be the same room as where I would paint but a separate desk for work things (insert drawing) I would have an inspiration wall full of the artwork of others which I can enjoy.

First I would check my emails and respond to the ones needed and then I would check social media and such. I would pin and tweet and maybe make a nice morning picture for Instagram.

self portrait

Then I would finish a blog post and schedule it for way-way in advantage because I would have everything under control and organised.

By then it would be late morning and I would get another cup of tea and start some creative exercises. I would paint and draw all for fun before starting serious painting in the afternoon after a nice lunch.

The part I am looking forward to a lot is having a nice open window next to a painting easel where I can spend as much time as I want on a painting. But being an impatient person that will probably be only a few hours per painting.

Perfect afternoon

Some other fun ideas for a great afternoon;

I want two cats to cuddle with on my bed. I am quite the cat person and two cats can, at least, keep each other entertained while I am painting.

Silvester white picture relaxing on my bed!

If I lived close enough I would go and drink coffee with my family a lot. Hopefully, I would live close to home, at least, that is something I am going for. I want to live somewhere near nature.

I want to ba regular at a small cafe and I would talk to the bartender or the waitress regular and I would drink coffee there when I needed to get out of the house or when I’d have business meetings.

What if I had lots of creative friends and ones I a while I would have an afternoon where everyone would come to my little space and I would make snacks and drinks and we would draw and talk all afternoon

Another great thing would be if I could give painting classes at home where there would just be a small group and we would drink tea and draw and I would come up with fun little subjects. It would be great to teach in a more quiet environment.

Perfect evenings

In the evenings, I would take a walk outside. Hopefully, I would live somewhere near a forest so I can go there.

I could even go and paint & draw outside.

In the evening, I would curl up with a good book and more tea, a little chocolate or some other snack and read as long as I wanted. Hopefully, with a cat or two to cuddle with (maybe even my darling husband)

View over sand and forest

So that is what my perfect day sounds like. I hope one day to live like this to some extent. Of course, this contains a lot of day dreams that might not be as realistic, but I like dreaming and hoping.

Having a big part of my life being art and creativity is one of the main goals. I don’t want anything crazy. I don’t need a big house, but I would love to have a garden. I don’t want a lot of money but I would like to be able to eat food.

That is partly why I want to have a successful Etsy shop! You can join me on my journey while I follow this amazing course by Prettygrafik and Modern Thrive from 2-4 march where I learn all about this. See the entire course here and use the code friendsofsofie for 20$ off! (This is an affiliate code, meaning I get a small commission when you use this!)

I would love to hear what your perfect day would look like! What are your dreams for the future?

2 Responses to “A perfect day in my life; Artists, blogger & entrepreneur

  • Your perfect day sounds pretty good to me, especially the coffee part! It’s nice to think about your dreams, it bring the to the front of your mind and makes it easier to create some action steps to make them a reality.

    • artsbysofie
      8 years ago

      I really needed to get a little perspective on what I was working towards and writing this blog post really helped. I totally agree and i really think I should do this more often 🙂
      p.s. I thought I could have written some more about the coffee part!

      ~ Sofie

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