The big draw artist event! (1-30 October)

I did not even know this existed but this years “The Big Draw” is actually the sixteenth time! I’m so excited for a real drawing festival. It’s annual and last year there were events in 26 countries . The big draw is an event to get everybody drawing. Everybody can join and everybody can organise something!

This year it is even better as one of these events is at my favourite museums Boijmans van Beuningen. I’ve come to this museum since I was very young and I have had a lot of art education in there. Now I get to actually draw here.

In my city, there were a series of events. There was even a stamp for every activity and you could get a card for them. Unfortunately, I got no stamps but I did get to join two events! The Big Draw Pintrest Artist Event October

The big draw in my city was only on 3 and 4 October so we decided to go on the 4th.

The vibe overall was lovely although there were mostly kids and in-crowd. It was al very artistic and everybody was busy creating and doing. What I liked about it was that it wasn’t very strictly organized so it felt really free.

The first project I joined was drawing rainbows. I think that the lady organising the thing first thought I was a lot younger than I actually am because she told me she could always help me with my rainbow if needed. I love drawing rainbows but I don’t do it that often but I think it was amazing. The art supplies were very cheap so I wouldn’t say I got the most beautiful result but I really like the idea! The artist needed over 750 rainbows for his project which he is making for the museum. (This means my work might be in the museum soon!) Drawing rainbows and making glass window drawings

The other one was drawing with markers on the window and when I came in the window already looked stunning. Everybody was allowed to draw everywhere and you could remove former drawings. I think this was just amazing as professional artist’s drawings and children’s drawing mixed over the entire thing .


You can see me drawing something that is half girl half chicken. It was not my best drawing (It was terrible) but I enjoyed doing it!

I also had a lovely chat with one of the ladies who worked there. I told here I was trying to make a living out of art and she said to go for it and to surround myself with like-minded people. She also said the very inspiring words;

“Every plan starts with a drawing”

And I think that is true for me!Every plan starts with a drawing quote and motivation

I really enjoyed the big draw and if the organise it again next year I’m certainly going to go. The big draw is all over October so you can still check if there is something close to you. The site of the big draw also has a lot of information an goodies and other projects to get involved with! I do recommend reading the terms and conditions because not everything is available in every country (it is UK based)!

I had a lovely time and I think it’s an amazing way for any artist to feel inspired again when you see so many people enjoying creativity! If you need some more inspiration; I have a blog posts about sketchbooks that inspire me and if you need some organising I also have a blogpost about organising your inspiration. Check out my Tumblr or devaintArt for my most recent work! Let me know if you ever attended the big draw or any other artist events! I would love to hear from you!
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