Inktober 2016; enjoying the end results!

It’s the end of Inktober 2016. If you are confused about what inktober is I have the introduction posts here. 

I had an amazing time but I didn’t finish 31 drawings. I did, however, did some drawings that I really liked. I am really pleasantly surprised at how much better I think I got with ink. Especially with the brush pen, I feel so much more secure now.

But since I have some last drawings that never made it to Instagram I thought I would give a little overview here and share some new ones.

These are the end results of inktober 2016. Some of these were not uploaded before.

I would love to hear which ones your favorites are. I am currently working on setting up a society6 shop so if there are ones that are particularly loved I will try making them into prints.

The drawings



This Girl was inktober day 3 and made with a brush pen. I was watching a series about the old days so I thought I would try to give her that vibe. I am also really happy with her hair!


I really love this one myself a lot. I think this was the first one I drew in a circle and it does give it a little extra sometimes to stay inside a form.


This cute little bunny was actually meant to be a snowshoe hare




Of course, every inktober needs a good mermaid. I love the wind effect here,


Not my best portrait but this was near the end so I hadn’t shown it yet.


This one has a nice circle too. I love how the mountains turned out and I think this one would do really good as a cushion or mug.




And the last one of inktober was a with again.

Like I said I didn’t get to all 31 but I do have a lot of drawings. You can fins more on my Instagram. If you are curious as to what tools I have used don’t forget to check out my earlier post.

Many of these might get uploaded at a later point in a higher quality. These were just the shots to get them out there.

Again, I would love to hear your favorites!  And let me know if you did inktober and leave a link to your work! I would love to see it. 

2 Responses to “Inktober 2016; enjoying the end results!

  • Kevin Cameron
    7 years ago

    Sofie these are all beautiful. I especially like the girl in the hat in the header at the top of the page and the girl with the tigers. Excellent.

    • artsbysofie
      7 years ago

      Thank you so much Kevin! The girl with the tigers is one of my favourites as well! Thank you so much for your opinion. Hope you are well. ~Sofie

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