My workflow for blog posts & how to get more done using one!

How can something as simple as a workflow help you do so much more in less time?

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love productivity and learning about it. It is absolutely my most used form of procrastination!


And in my epic quest searching for ways to get more done in less time I came across a lot of stuff about workflows. So I tried it out!


After a lot of practice and research, I thought I would let you guys in on the great aspects of what you can do with workflows, how they work and what mine looks like.


Why would I need workflows?

  1. Get things done faster
  2. Get more things done
  3. Stay more organised


What is a workflow?

A workflow is a management system that helps you organise and execute tasks. Workflows are great for recurring tasks. For me, that means things like social media content and blog posts. It is also a great way to spend less time on these tasks.


Often a workflow consists of a few steps that you take every time to get an end product that it up to your standards. Workflows can be simplified or made faster by adding apps or programs that help you make specific step easier or faster.


Workflows work best if you write them down at least once so you can check if you went through every step.



What workflow helps me get my blog posts done?

So let’s look at some examples of how I get my work done faster by using workflows;

A workflow that works for me!

  1. Google keep

For outlines and notes on the go, I usually use google keep. This is a mobile app that allows me to organise notes by colour and tags and I can make nice lists.

I keep posts and illustration ideas here. It is great because again it allows me to capture ideas I have on the go!

(Btw, it is totally free to download from the app store!)

  1. Google doc

Who doesn’t like a free text editor? I love google doc because it saves automatically. Also, it provides an overview of the document I am writing in and it gives me a nice workspace.

I can also import notes from my google keep directly into this text editor which saves me time because I don’t have to re-type things I have already written.

I just like how nice and easy this is!

Especially the fact that I am never losing work anymore with the automatic saving!


  1. Trello

Trello is where I organise all the files. It is also super easy to add images & save links.

Usually, I have a card for the post with an end-date so it appears in the calendar view.

(the calendar view is a power-up. You can easily instal it by going to menu (right upper corner) > Power-Ups > and then find the calendar to add it)

To the card, I add the Google doc as an attachment. Now I can also add the picture and relevant links to this card. I also like to add some tweets, the Pinterest description, some alternative titles.

psssst Did you know that you can use trello for loads of things?

Anyway, all of this is also totally free!

  1. WordPress editor

After I have gathered everything I need on the card I copy the google doc text to the WordPress editor to do the formatting.

Now, I also add the pictures and descriptions and links from the trello card.

I only do this in the WordPress editor because when you try to copy the text, the formatting can change loads.

I can also start scheduling tweets and such since I have them all on my trello card.


This workflow has helped me write my blog posts not only quicker and easier it has actually really improved my content and marketing!

Other workflows

Just to help you get a general idea of how other workflows could look;

What workflow helps me create more graphics? 

  1. Take the pictures
  2. Upload them
  3. Edit them in Krita
  4. Make the final graphic in canva!

My graphics workflow definitely needs some improving still! (p.s. if you have tips for that, hit me up!) But in general, this is still a workflow in the editing stage.

I know which steps to take but I am still in the process of making it easier.

Here are some great examples of workflows and management in groups from co-schedule! 

How to create your own workflow

So how can you create your own workflow that works for you?

Here are some easy steps to take (is this a workflow for planning a workflow?)

Step 1; map out which tasks you need to do often

For example blog post writing, commissions etc.

Step 2. Which app you use that help

If you’re already using some program or app to help you write down which they are and in which order you use them! This is also a great time to find some new cool things.

There are apps for everything nowadays!

Step 3; Do you have some kind of process?

For loads of tasks we already use some form of a process without even noticing. 

When you start writing out what you usually do you might notice something already. You might not always do them in the same order but chances are you use the same apps or steps or processes to get some things done!

Step 4; Which points are pain points in your process?

Are there points in your process which are harder or where you often get stuck. Maybe something you dislike or what takes a long time?

These are the things that you need to search solutions for.


Final tips

I always love including some final words of wisdom!

1 Don’t over complicate things

If you are doing a not of work that is not needed. Or you repeat the same tasks. You are probably just taking more time instead of it being faster.

Similarly, if you include something that has a steep learning curve and you are not sure if it will help maybe that is not the right solution!

Hey, you might also enjoy reading this post on planners and printables and how to use them more efficiently! 

2. Work out what works for you

Like all things, I talked about this month. Not everything works for everyone. Find your own way of doing things that work the best for you.

3. Keep a little checklist or bullet point list until it becomes habit

If you are just getting started with a system it might be useful to keep a checklist to keep you on track. You can use a printable or a piece of paper.

In trello you can do something similar. Why not make an example blog postcard and add a checklist (click the card and under right under “add” you can find this option) Make this your example blog posts checklist.

Then whenever you need that checklist you can go add a checklist again. Then choose import items from; example blog post checklist and this way you can easily use the checklist for all new blog posts cards!

For making your workflow easier we also use some apps or programmes of course. I already told you about Trello and how it helps me!

If you would like some more examples you can always visit the resources page which is now part of the library! 

Hey! Do you like spending less time on tasks so you get more done? Why not share this post with others to help them out too!

Also, if you want to add any tips; why not add them in the comments!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Workflows help you create better posts, help you get more work done and help you make fewer mistakes. Learn how a workflow looks and how you can begin creating custom workflows that work for you!
Workflows help you create better posts, help you get more work done and help you make fewer mistakes. Learn how a workflow looks and how you can begin creating custom workflows that work for you!

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