5 things we can learn from successful artists

What are some things we can learn from successful artists? Learning from people who have walked the path is a great way to get insight in what leads to success.

Just to be clear; I am not just talking about the traditionally successful artist. A lot has changed in the ways artist make a living from their passions. The internet has given us many different ways in which artists can make money and grow a following.

These are things I have learned from some of my favourite artists online, that make their living from art in one way or another.

These are lessons I learned from many different artists all across the web from watching their content and following their journeys;

Valuable lessons we can learn from artists that made it!

Treat it like an actual job

If you don’t put in the hours, you can’t expect the results you might want. Often we hear people ask professional artists how they find the motivation to keep drawing. And the answer is often “bills”.

My biggest motivation for this is watching artist vlogs. They really show how much time actually goes into running an art business. Plus it is a great insight in what successful artist spend their time on! 

Being your own boss creates many possibilities, but also many difficulties. So make sure you are prepared to actually treat it as work if you want to become likes these successful artists as well! 

There are many ways to make it

There is not just one straight path to success. Again the internet has given us may different options when it comes to income options for artists.

Thing POD shops, Etsy, Freelancing with clients all over the world. Next to all these new options you also still have more traditional ways like art fairs, getting your work in shops and galleries and so forth.

Whatever way you choose, there are many things to explore. 

Some people have huge followings and sell their art. Others make a different kind of contents. Some of the artists are successful teachers.

Success is not just selling original paintings in galleries. 

There are many different things to try

If one thing doesn’t work for you. There are 10 things to try instead. There are different platform & different ways to monetize them. While some people make a living off youtube, others might prefer blogging etc.

There is just something out there for everybody. You will find something that works for you.

Always explore new options and new ways because there might be something that really helps you out there.

Everybody goes at their own pace

Some people are internet famous in the first 10 seconds of setting up their stuff online. Some people it takes 7 years to get anywhere near a substantial following.

And it has nothing to do with the quality of work. There are great artists that go unnoticed in back corners simply because they haven’t found a way to get noticed yet.

There is nothing wrong with taking a little longer

It can be a hard job

While being an artist might be your dream job, it is still a job. There might be days you don’t feel like it. But it still needs to get done. You can’t just quit. Maybe you will have creative up and downs but there is still constant work.

It is hard because you need discipline and self-motivation. There are no set hours and it is so easy to under or overwork.

Sometimes things go slow and there is nothing that can hurry along. There might be self-doubt and lack of a clear path.

But even with all that, it will still be your dream job. 

So these are the things that I learned from my favourite artists out there. Want to see some examples of which artists I am talking about; 5 great youtube artists.

What is the best advice you have for other artists who want to make a living from art? 

(Or similarly any questions you can leave down below as well!) 



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  • Hi Sofie! Treating it like an actual job..that is a big struggle often for me. Good advice! Thanks

    • artsbysofie
      5 years ago

      For me too, to be honest. Spending the hours right can be quite tricky! Thank you, Kevin!

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