5 youtube artists you should follow

My five favourite artists youtube channels

I love seeing other artists create and learning new things from other artists. As so I turned to youtube to find some of my favourite artists.I think youtube is a great way to learn since you can literally watch the techniques of others

I think youtube is a great way to learn since you can literally watch the techniques of others. The endless amount of artist is also very amazing. 

These are some of my favourite artists that I think I think I learned a lot from already.

1. Sycra

I think this is a great channel for people who are interested in digital art mostly. Sycra Yassin doesn’t only talk about digital art but also a lot about what it takes to be an artist by trade.

He talks a lot about being a freelancing artist which means working on different assignment and commissions as a mean of income. It is a subject that I find very interesting as it showcases an entirely another way of being an artist. (As in a different route than I have taken in my Etsy store and such.) 

One of my favourite videos is about how to practise your skills in a practical manner. I think it is great that he puts so much time and effort into finding ways to improve and that he shares them with his audience.

2. Draw with Jazza

Jazza is another absolutely amazing digital artist. He is not only a great artist but his designs and characters are inspiring.

His channel is a lot about designing and I think there is a lot to learn about character design from watching his videos.

He is also just a lot of fun with his drunk charity challenges and amazing skits.

3. Lena Danya

One of my favourite oil painters. Her paintings are so wonderful and seem so realistic. She is amazing in painting water and people.

She recently started a series on oil paint and how to use it which is great for beginners. 

lena danya youtube

4. Audra Auclair

Her work is incredible, I love her style. I think her channel is great for artists insights and also to see all kinds of mediums used and mixed.

I for example really love her sketchbook shares. They show amazing work and are very inspiring.

5. Lachri Fine art

Her realistic animal portraits are incredible. She is a master at pencil drawings and acrylics. Watching her videos have thought me a lot about how to make things look realistic.

I think she is amazing at explaining different techniques and tips and tricks. Plus she does amazing reviews on pencils and other mediums. 

She has a very broad spectrum of videos and they are all great. Even if you work in an entirely different medium it is still helpful.

Another great mention is my friend’s Romica channel.  She works a lot with watercolour and gouache to create beautiful illustrations. I would love for you to check her out. 

Some other fun channels;

Let me know if you have any favourite channels. Did you know about these artists already and which would you recommend? 

5 great artists on youtube who's channels teach, help and inspire me. Artist that help you improve and become a professional artist!

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  • Ah, thanks for the recommendations – will definitely look into them! I am always on the lookout for new artsy inspiration!

    • artsbysofie
      8 years ago

      I do really hope you enjoy them! 🙂
      Thank you for reading!

      ~ Sofie

    • Here is one that no one knows exists and you won’t be disappointed:


      Not on YouTube yet though 🙂

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