Branding part one; a blog –resources and tips

A name, a niche and blog colours. These are all branding choices. There is so much to do when you start a blog. When I first started mine I was already okay with it looking “reasonable”. As my plans grew and my knowledge as well I started to realise that branding is an important part of a business.

Branding is what will make you stand out in the sea of blogs out there. It might also give more of a guide as to what to do with your business.

Obviously, I’m not an expert. I’m sharing what I have learned from experience and what my brand stands for and how it developed. I share my favourite resources and how I overcame some obstacles.

I hope that it helps people who feel overwhelmed by the idea of branding or who are not sure what branding means.


The business dictionary gives the next definition;

The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Read more:

A great example of the big business is Nike. Their slogan is very rememberable and the constant motivational pictures of running people are a great hit on Tumblr.

A good brand is just like that; easy to remember.

Name & niche

A start for every blog is the name and the niche. The name because that is what you are trying to get to stick and it is the base for everything involved in your brand. But so is the niche. The niche is your topic and the place where you want to build your brand.

See it as your home base and address. You need a place to build and a name to be found by.

I kinda went for the most boring thing, but I already had some accounts under this name so I thought it would be good. If you google it I’m one of the only search results on the firsts few pages.

Making sure your name is kind of unique is very handy to make sure you don’t have to compete really hard on the same keywords as big brands or companies.

Your name will be one of the keywords that you might use to market your blog or business. Naming your business after something that is already very popular for something different might be negative for your business.

However, making your name into something that aligns with your content can be very handy. For example,  Market your creativity is a blog about just that. So if I were to search on that I might just end up on her blog and find what I am looking for.

For the same reason, I have used art in my name. When people search for art they might find me even though I don’t rank that high yet. But if they combine art with something that I have written about before I will rank higher in the search results as well.

This also kind of works the same for niches. When people search for a specific topic they will end up in all the search results for that topic. If your blog or site has the same topic it might turn up there.

See it like a small economy. If you have a shopping mall and someone goes shopping for shoes then he might check out just that one store he knows. But if he sees 3 directly next to it then he might be tempted to look at the others as well. Likewise, if you run a website like shoe hero, then the customer might have a chance at looking at almost all shoe stores present in a city.

Using a niche and a name can have the same effect. Instead of fighting for your own audience you can use the combined audience of the whole niche.

A story

When you have a place and address you need to build a home. Part of your home, what will make yours unique, is your story.

I was hesitant to share my story for a long time. I thought it wasn’t important, not compared to the visual aspect. But I was wrong.

“People like to connect with you”, is something I have read a lot. When I write my blog posts the one that gets the most reactions are always those with the personal stories. Like the time, I talked about my difficulties with finding a blogging voice or when I had a terrible teacher.

Part of the story you can tell is why you do what you do. What made you start a blog and what is your purpose?

Luckily there are tons of options to find this out.

Personally, I used a beautiful ebook that I talked about in setting up a business in just three printables.

It was with Kory’s ebook that I found out the purpose of my blog and what I wanted to achieve.

I see this as one of my last options and I want to have hope that it turns out okay. I am easily worried and stressed. So I want my blog to be a haven for all people in the same situation. I want them to have hope for their dreams and to feel supported in them.

That is something I want my brand to stand for and it is part of my story as well.

Colors & fonts

Colours are for me the most exciting part about branding. It can however also be hard and difficult to choose.

The amount of colours in this world is absolutely countless.

The easiest way I can mention finding your colours is by starting a Pinterest board. It is mentioned in various experts blogs to find your style and colour pallet.

The way this works is by just opening a secret Pinterest board and pinning all photo’s colour schemes and fonts that you like.

For your final design, you take 2-3 fonts, up to 8 colours and maybe even a general style of photography you like.

Think for example simplist, black and white or maybe bright colours.

If you want to read more on branding; is a lovely blog with everything on branding.

Branding isn’t necessarily hard and your brand will never be set in stone. You will change and grow and learn and so will your brand.

Maybe there is something you thought you liked and now you don’t and it is okay to change that.

Brands like humans can be dynamic and not only can you grow your brand for you but also according to your audience.

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