7 easy things you can do today for a better online business

Looking for the easiest ways work towards a better online business? There are many habits, tools and more that can make a business run so much more smoothly. Here are some great ways you can easily improve some parts of your business.

If you implement these I guarantee a better online business.

Here are some easy things you can do to work towards a better online business right now! Easy and fast habits and tools.

1. Get yourself a planning system you will love/or update the planner you are using right now

If you don’t have planning system for your business tasks then I don’t know how you function.

Having a system that works is one of the easiest things you can do for yourself to keep your business running smoothly. If you are still looking for a system that works for you, don’t worry. There are so many different systems that there is surely one that works smoothly for you.

Why not make a list of some of the most likely systems to work for you and simply take them (one-by-one) on a test run for a month. You will definitely know when you find the one that works for you.

Already have our own dream system? Make sure you keep it updated and running smoothly by checking regularly. If you set a moment weekly to organise your schedule you will keep your things running smoothly for much longer.  

2. Organise all files so you don’t have to worry about losing things

I am one of the messiest persons I know. Not just in real life but also with my computer stuff. Trust me, I have spent far too much time looking for files because I didn’t name them properly, or because they were in the wrong map.

Don’t be me and get a good working system for naming your files and keeping them organised. And trust me, it is a lot more work to organise all your files after years of chaos. You are better of doing it right now or even better, back when you started!

Also, for this again are many different systems. So just check out a few to find the one that works best for you!

3. Make 1 USB stick for all important documents

There are two reasons for this;

  1. backing up your important stuff is always a great idea
  2. When you can not find stuff or need it quick and easy to access it is a great system


Ever found yourself scrambling around looking for your updated media kit? No? Just me? Well, regardless, having a backup USB is a good way to keep everything important together. It also makes it easier to work anywhere and everywhere.

4. Check your website for optimum functionality

Nothing is quite a professional as a full running amazing looking website. So make sure you check yours often. Broken links, slow loading and bad SEO can drive people away if they even ever reach your site.

There are many tools that can help you check all these things on your site so make sure to use them.  

(Make your WordPress site load faster with this post!) 

And even if you are not managing the site yourself, checking it can still avoid a lot of problems.  

5. Make time for breaks and self-care

Your business is a part of you, and so you also need to take care of you to take care of your business. Of course, we try to have all kind of systems in place in case anything ever goes wrong. But we are certainly better off if we are fully functional and capable of working.

Making room for breaks and self-care in our schedule makes it much more likely that we can work longer and more efficient.

My post on breaks and benefits offers great insight into this!

6. Get a system for keeping track of your stats

If you don’t know where you are at at the moment than how can you make plans efficiently. Knowing your numbers and having your stats ready gives you more control over your business. The more information you have the easier it is to make decisions and to plan ahead.

To keep an accurate picture, having a system for your self to track all your different stats can be great. Some ideas are a simple notebook or an Excel sheet. This way it is also easily customisable. Some stats might be more important than others for you.

Many of us have loads of different tools and platforms that keep track of different stats and track different numbers. Having this one place to keep track will really help you get more insight into what is going on with your business.

Plus, you get insight into what works and what doesn’t and alerts you to what could be better.

7. Have goals for your business

Finally, if you don’t have goals it will get so much harder to keep going and to see success. Why do we need goals?

  1. They keep us more motivated
  2. You will have successes to celebrate
  3. You will keep moving forward instead of getting stuck

Goals are super important for your business. If you don’t have anything like this written down, write it down now. Writing it down is super important btw! If you don’t put it down somewhere it is not as real. Writing it down makes sure you remember it and it will be easier to actually work on it.

It can be as easy as writing it down in your planner or putting sticky notes on your mirror. But keep your goals close.

Already have a goal?

Make sure it is as concrete as you can. If you have not yet added a concrete date, number etc this is the moment to do that as well.

Read more about setting goals the right way!

All of these are things you can start doing today, but keeping them up is the real challenge.

Again using moments to check in with your self or to self-evaluate can really help you keep up good habits. These good habits make for a better online business.

(Read more on this great tool to build habits)


Let me know which of these is most important to your business! (I would love to hear from you!)  

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