The arrogance of art – feeling better about art promoting

Something I struggle a lot with is the sense of arrogance every time I post my art.
To me, posting my art screams: look at this, I’m so great. While really I just want to share something that made me happy, maybe even proud. And I never think as other artist being arrogant when they share their work. I love seeing other people’s artwork and I think it’s beautiful to see part of other people’s imagination and dreams.

So every time I upload I try to think like that. Maybe someone sees it and if it makes him or her happy, that would be great. At the same time, I want to make money by making art, which means asking money for my work, which means saying my art is good enough to pay for. I find this hard to do. Furthermore, to do so, I have to promote my work and tell people why they should buy it.

To create a balance between these two sides of me I have created some strategies.

1. Promoting not only your own art but all art.

I love making comments on other peoples work and I love seeing other artists their paintings and drawings. So to give back to the community I try to comment a lot and encourage others. I mainly do this on Pinterest on my artboard and my drawing tutorials/resources board. Furthermore, I comment a lot on devaintArt where you can also always note me if you like to talk!

2. Try to keep learning.

I think that to create the best work I need to keep learning and by doing so every new work I create might be slightly better than the last. I like to do this because I know that this way I’m promoting my best works and I always know I have worked hard on it.
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3. What I don’t like about my work might look great to someone else.

When you look at your own work things can seem a lot different than when someone else looks at your work. Where you might only see the flaws in your work, the next person can see just a great work?
What I like is not always the same as what someone else likes. When people like my work that is their choice and I can only be grateful for the amazing support. I should not always be so hard on myself.
Also, you know your own work like the back of your hand. So of course, you also see all the little mistakes. These might not even be visible to others. Realising that has really helped me get better at promoting my own work. Because, why not share a little bit of my happiness with the world.

Leaves by Sofie Arts

I have certainly not fully mastered the last one, but I’m trying to let go of my fear to promote. If I can make someone happy with my drawing or art then I’m happy.
Thank you for reading and please let me know your thoughts about promoting in the comments below!

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