Sharing your art more is the greatest; here is why!

Ever have that feeling that sharing your art isn’t a good idea? Don’t want to be seen as arrogant, or feel like you’re not good enough yet? We all have these moments of uncertainty, but I am dropping in to tell you to totally forget all these thoughts.

Loads of artist, bloggers, writers and creatives suffer from imposter syndrome! You are not the only one. 

Like this amazing post by Olyvia shows us. 

And I am here to tell you why you should be sharing your art loads. I mean, every place you know where you can share your art, getting it to every person you can reach.

You know those people whose art shows up everywhere?

Sometimes it’s even just the same few images and you see them time and time again. That is not just those people being so loved that other people keep sharing their work.

They don’t just sit back and watch their art being shared. They are actively out there sharing their artwork.

If you are an artist you should be sharing your art more! Here is why.

And there are multiple reasons why you should be doing the same.


  1. Build your business
  2. To inspire others

To build your business

I mean, again, others are not going to do it for you. You need to put yourself out there. And not just once, but over and over, until people know your work and know you.

I know it seems scary and like your overly self-promoting, but you are your own biggest asset. Just find creative ways to share your work. But keep sharing it.

(btw, you can totally share work more than once.)

I know it seems like a scary idea but here is the thing; Does a baker just wait for people to show up to his shop? If there opens a new shopping mall in your town do they just wait for people to show up? Or do you find flyers in your mail? See advertisements on the street?

The best selling artists are not just the most amazing artist. The artist that sell the best, spends a lot of time on their community building.

And part of building a community is putting yourself out there.

And the second reason; Sharing it to inspire others 

You might think; “What do you mean, sharing for others. Isn’t this one big ego trip?” (Okay that was just me) 

I know it feels a lot like showing off sometimes. Even if you are not that sure of your work, you worry how others think about you sharing it.

Did you ever browse the internet, to come across a beautiful piece of art and you just fell in love with it? Maybe you are following your favourite artist on social media.

Everyone has a moment where they come across something they love and it just gives them a happy little moment. You can’t predict if that won’t be your work! I know this is hard to keep in mind (at least for me it is) but people might like my stuff even if I think they won’t.

Sharing your work will get it to the people that love it. Sharing your work might make people happy even for a little bit. Sharing your work might inspire the next artist to great something beautiful. 

So sharing your work is not just one big ego trip, it can be so much more.

So instead of posting your work once on some obscure forum or just putting your portfolio online and never looking at it again. You should just go out there and share it as much as you want. 

J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before someone wanted to publish her work.

Even when people won’t share your work at once and followers don’t flock to your social media, that is not a measurement of how good your work is!

And maybe somebody will reject negatively to you sharing your artwork loads.

But as long as you have not been actively spamming them that reaction is more likely to come from either jealousy or factors completely unrelated to your work.

Remember that for every hater there is someone who loves it; 

For every mean comment, there is always someone who took the time to say something kind and they took the time to find the best words to do so.

Sharing your work is what gets you closer to your dreams. So go out there and find ways to share your passion and show your best and do it over and over again.

I hope this post inspired you to start sharing your art more. And I would love to see your work so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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