How to revive a blog that has failed

Somewhere last year I found myself overwhelmed. I didn’t enjoy blogging, networking was getting harder and harder and things began to deteriorate.

And so I took a long long break.

But now I am back and I am here to tell you how I made this month my second most successful blogging month ever!

(Btw, business updates might be back in December! Let me know if you are interested in those!)


But first to fully understand this blog post I need to tell you something about me. After a long long time of being chronically ill, I also developed social anxiety. This made it super difficult for me to do things online. All things networking, sharing and commenting suddenly became even scarier to me.


Luckily I found some great help, which helped me get my fears mostly under control and made me a much happier person.


When I felt like myself again I knew I wanted to come back to this blog and start it up again.

I had been away for like 3 months without any regular posting so my blog was kind of dead. Only organic searches still were going to some of my posts.

But I had a new found motivation to make it work. So here is what I did;

  1. I re-evaluated which kind of content I like to write

This is super important for me to stay happy and to get more done. If I don’t enjoy it then it is hard to motivate yourself.

This mindset, for example, helped me write the post on art theft because it was an interesting topic to me. It is so much easier to write posts like that. I also got my research done much easier. 

Some other of my favourite posts; 

How to make beautiful Pinterest Infographics that drive traffic

How to easily write 2500+ words blog posts 


  1. I became less strict with myself

I used to be super strict with myself about uploading what and when. And it put an amazing amount of pressure on me. Yes, being consistent is great for your business. But you need to be kind to yourself too.

Now I write more when I can and I upload as regularly as possible but when I miss a day that is okay too.

Like the week I wrote the post on art-theft. There went loads of research into that article and that is why I could only write one post that week. But I think that the quality was totally worth it.


  1. I promote my posts more

It is super frustrating to spend a long time writing an article when you feel like nobody reads it. I used to not like promoting at all and that is why I often wouldn’t. Not promoting my blog posts resulted in low traffic and fewer views and so I became less motivated.

Now, however, I promote my content more and it is working! More people are reading the stuff I put out. That definitely helped me make this my second best month ever.


Other things I am going to do;


Yes, I am getting back on track but there is even more that can be improved. So here are some things I am planning to work on.


  • regular promotion
  • not being afraid to send emails
  • Staying on track with my bigger projects


I think it is possible to make your blog work even after a long break. So if you are reading this and you haven’t posted in a while, don’t give up yet!


Now a happy message for you;


Happy holiday season!

The 2017 advent Calendar is here!


As Christmas is coming closer everybody is busy with wrapping up the year and making those last sales. Regardless of if you are celebrating Christmas, this is a busy time.

I wanted to do something fun this year so everybody could enjoy these lasts days of 2017. And so I came up with the advent calendar 2017!

The calendar is here on the blog and is stuffed with all kinds of fun freebies. I wanted it to be both enjoyable and helpful so I tried to make an exciting mix.

Some things you can find on the advent calendar are;

  • printables
  • stock photos (free for commercial use)
  • Never released ebooks
  • Unique blog post content

And more!

Again this calendar is supposed to be a mix of fun and helpful stuff so there is a little bit of both.

The advent calendar is for my email subscribers to say thank you for another amazing year. (If you are not subscribed yet do so here to get your free access!)

Here is to 2018!  A year of success!

How I returned to my blog after it had failed and made this my most successful month this year + the free advent calendar is here!


4 Responses to “How to revive a blog that has failed

  • Love these tips. Self promo is a big one!

    • artsbysofie
      4 years ago

      For sure! It is such a crucial part of running a successful blog!

  • I need to learn better promotion. I feel I lavk in that space. Hope you are feeling a lot better healthwise. Thank you for the tips..

    • artsbysofie
      4 years ago

      Same, promotion is still kinda hard for me but luckily there are loads of great posts on the subject. Thank you so much for your nice comment!

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