How to get the most out of your sketchbooks

Did I talk about my sketchbook obsession already? Yes? Well, not enough. Besides the fact that I have a lot of them, I also love working in them.

But sometimes sketchbooks can be overwhelming and scary. Feel like you never will fill them or o idea what you should do in them. I thought I ‘d write a little piece about the things that make sketchbooks so awesome.

Draw everyday

Masterworks will probably not roll out every time you draw. But when you draw in you sketchbook every day it will get you in the habit of drawing and also coming up with ideas.

No this is something that is kind of hard for me. I get caught up with work and business and don’t spend enough time being creative.

But whenever I do get in the flow of working in my sketchbooks every day I see dramatic improvement.

That is one of the reasons that I like this tip so much!


Draw things you like and are interested in

Of course, practise is important and sketchbooks are a great place to do that. But don’t just spend time on studying things you might not like.

Anatomy and such can get boring or dull. When you don’t love what you do, it can hinder you. When drawing in your sketchbook is something you don’t enjoy anymore it will only make it more likely that you won’t.

Drawing anything is better than drawing nothing!


You know those weird thigs you think might not work. Those colours you never combined or a style you never tried. Sketchbooks are the place to do just that. It might not be the neatest, but you will learn and discover.


Thing to experiment with;

  • new materials
  • new techniques
  • different styles


Nobody likes art thieves and copying work isn’t the best idea when you post it. But coping can really help the newer artist find new skills or style.

In your sketchbooks, you can always just try to replicate some things just for learning.


Try to recreate a style you love and improve on it. Or for example, draw a piece you love in your own style!

(unsure about what is acceptable with copying? Watch this.)

Date your drawings/sketchbooks

I’m so bad at this but when you try this seeing the improvement in your work might be easier.

You can easily compare work over the weeks, months or even years.


Sketchbooks are fun and useful all in one! Need more inspiration on what to fill your sketchbook with? I have found some great CalArts sketchbooks full with inspiration!

I’m thinking of making a prompt list so do let me know if that is something you are interested in!

I hope this gave you some ideas how to fill your sketchbooks! What do you fill your sketchbooks with?

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