How to be more confident about blogging in English

Confident about blogging in English? Many people choose to write their blog in English even when it is not their native language. Mostly because it gives you a much bigger audience and a chance to connect internationally.

However, when English isn’t your first language, blogging in it can feel a little bit daunting.


Part two about blogging in English when it is not your native language.

Last time we discussed how you could use not only a dictionary but also grammar guides and more to make fewer mistakes. Plus, some key points when using these tools.

Today I bring you my experience some months later on what other things you should take in account when you want to be confident about blogging in English

How to be more confident about blogging in English when that is not your first language! Fro all those bloggers who are brave enough to write in another language!

Don’t worry about mistakes too much

Manny bloggers write posts like “why I didn’t read you blog post” etc and almost everytime it includes something like “there were mistakes/grammar mistakes/ spelling errors” Don’t worry, there are many people with great blogs who still make mistakes sometimes.

If the fear of mistakes is making you worried about posting anything then you might as well blog in your mother language. You are going to make mistakes probably. But you should not let that stop you from blogging.

Some people might point it out to you. If that is the case thank them and correct your mistake. Even native speaking people make mistakes in their blog post. May that be typos or grammar or spelling, they make mistakes to.

The best you can do is try to make them as few a possible.

And if people are rude about your mistakes they are just stupid. I would never discourage a person trying to learn my language by ridiculing their mistakes. You can just ignore those people. They are not a representation of the general audience, they are obviously not helpful and most likely not people you want to interact with anyway.

Personally, I have only one place where I would try to limit your mistakes and be extra careful and that is the title. I have done this many times, but the title is the first thing people see, the thing they share on social media and etc. Just take that extra moment to check your spelling grammar etc.


After being introduced to the wonders of Grammarly I was so excited I even went and wrote an entire blog post about it over on Janice’s wonderful blog (The blog posts even tells you how to install it!)

Immerse yourself in the language.

Many language learning programs are based on visiting the country the language is spoken. This is so that participant actually use, hear and see the language daily. The good news is, you can do something similar on the web as well.

For me writing English becomes easier if I have read in English as well and preferably something related to the topic I am going to write about. It gives me a feel for the tone the piece I am writing should have.

If I want to write something more official it helps to read some examples first. If I need to write for my blog, I like to visit some of my favourite bloggers.

Plus by reading more, you get a better vocabulary which will help you wording things when you are writing as well.

The more you know, how more confident about blogging in English you will be!

English times

Don’t get lost in translation

Uncertainty can be very hard when you are interacting with others. Sometimes your knowledge of tone or interpretation just isn’t enough.

If you are not sure what a person meant just ask. It is better to know for sure than to guess and guess wrong. Most people won’t be offended if you tell them you are confused.

Personally, I like to spell out my confusion quite clearly. When I feel something can be interpreted two different ways I try to rephrase both interpretations and ask them do you mean it like “ …” or like “…” That way it is easy for them to see where I got stuck and gives them an easy way to answer.

You are definitely going to make mistakes. Maybe some mistakes will be painful, like some of my mistakes were. But really the only thing you can do is keep going and keep learning.

Don’t let mistakes discourage you from your goals!

 I would love to hear your stories about being confident about blogging in English so make sure to share your experience and your blog! 

4 Responses to “How to be more confident about blogging in English

  • Such a lovely post! I’m glad I stopped by from the Blogger’s Pit Stop.
    I was an English teacher back in Brazil. My English was brilliant back then. I almost had no accent (I did accent reduction too).
    But coming to Belgium and adding a 4th and 5th language to my plate (my mother tongue is Portuguese, second English and 3rd, Spanish) got me lost. Besides, I studied American English all my life, and here, British English is the deal.
    Yeah, I make mistakes. Yeah, I have an accent, but guess what? Even when I speak Portuguese now since I moved almost 15 years ago!
    Such a motivating and inspiring post. Thank you very much for sharing it! I’m spreading the word.

    • artsbysofie
      7 years ago

      Hi Debbie,
      You are such an inspiration for knowing this many languages. I think knowing more than your mother tongue is very admirable. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your story.
      I hope many get inspired through this as well!

      ~ Sofie

  • Very inspiring! I’m not a native english speaker but I really love to write in english. Although, there were times that I find it really hard to compose a good sentence in english but I know it takes time of practicing and reading more.

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      Glad you liked it! There are so many people that learn to write English amazingly! I really wanted to encourage people to just keep doing it. Thank you for pitching in! ~Sofie

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