9 months in; starting a creative business

After 9 months I am still going strong and May was an amazing month. Everything I did in the last month has really paid off. Now I am really searching for new ways to keep this growth going. 

I must apologize, though, because eventhough I am really close to finfishing the e-book, it is still not done yet.  There is just so much I want to include and tell you about.

(And in the last week, unfortunately, I have been dealing with an art thief, which has taken a lot of time away from  writing and planning. My health has also been quite a problem but I hope that now that I feel a little better I can get back on track.) 

Everything I did, goals and more in the last month. What does 9 months of creative business look like without any prior knowledge?


Even though I made none of my goals for my blog this month I still think this was a very exciting month. My blog is growing and thriving. I have found working and easy ways to share my blog posts and get traffic.

The most amazing thing this month was that I made my secret goal. I made it to 1000 views this month! 

pageviews Mei Jetpack

pageviews Mei google

I am so excited, thankful and happy to share this.

Blogging is definitely something you are in for the long haul. But when you keep going you will definitely see results! 

This months goal; 

  • Reach out to 1 person (if 3 feels like too much then maybe 1 will feel more attainable)
  • Create a gallery on my blog! (I am so excited to try this so I can show more of my work)
  • Keep finding new ways to grow! 
  • Fill the sidebar!


Pinterest is finally starting to work for me. It is not overwhelmingly good but I think that is mostly because I haven’t worked on it so much!

The main thing I learned is that you should pin a lot!

For Tumblr I shifted a lot with my blogs, moving some things around and such. I think that the way I organised it now is much better.

Goals last month;

  • Getting 200 Pinterest followers! (Jeey!  I made it! I also have over 500 twitter followers now. It is excited to see these things grow!)
  • Working on my Tumblr (I did this! Do check this out, it looks amazing!)

Goals this month; 

    • Work more on Pinterest!
    • Post more on Instagram!


After a little art session with one of my best friend, I feel like I have been drawing some more again. At the moment, I am working a lot digitally and in oil paint.

The gallery on my blog will make it a lot artsier hopefully so people can feel the vibe more! The Friday posts do really help as well.

Etsy has been not very good. I have been blundering and stopped promoting it and I have not been creating the kind of work I want to sell. Now I want to make one last batch, try one more time but if it doesn’t work I will try a different route.

I also am thinking about creating an online class. I am thinking about either a colour class or some creature design. But since these are a lot of work I am not sure how or when.

I was really inspired to do this by my amazing friend Romica. She teaches skillshare classes that are simply incredible. I already did one and now we are making gouache animal illustrations and it is just so much fun! 

I so hope you check them out! 

So that was month 9 and all the ins and outs. I hope this series gives you an insight into what it all takes to make a creative business from scratch with no prior knowledge.

I am really happy with any suggestions and input so do let me know.

4 Responses to “9 months in; starting a creative business

  • I’m so excited to see what is working for you. I would also suggest that I have noticed quality over quantity works on Instagram even if Instagram experts so post more I am noticing for artists if you are really good you don’t need to post all the time. And I post all the time and can’t level my followers. On Pinterest I watched an Etsy seller video saying pin more of your own stuff but there’s only so much you can create. Today I discovered a good artist who loads his pins up with hashtags. That used to be a no no. I put a few in and will keep doing that to see if it drives traffic. The video said do you want tonnes of followers or to drive traffic? Hope this helps!

    • artsbysofie
      8 years ago

      Hi Catherine, I am so happy with you feedback. Comparing notes really works for me. I definitely hope I will not have to upload everyday on instagram because that already makes me struggle. I will try some of these out and see what happens. I could start with pinning more of my art for sure! Thank you so much for the great suggestions! ~ Sofie

  • Glad to see that you are making progress, I am sure it is a big learning curve. To reach your goal is not always a straight line, I read that somewhere and it is true. I am sure that Pinterest advice is the same for arts as it is for most categories on Pinterest. Have you checked out my co-host Julie she is so inspiring? She is big into Pinterest and business. Just her attitude can teach us a lot.
    Bloggers Pit Stop

    • artsbysofie
      7 years ago

      Thank you so much for the inspiring words. I love to share these posts because I always get great advice. I should definitely read more from Julie. She is indeed a amazing blogger!
      ~ Sofie

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