Do you dare to share your artwork in progress?

There is something about sketches and artwork in progress that makes it hard to show sometimes. The fact that it isn’t finished and isn’t perfect makes it harder to show to the world.

So today I am sharing just that, works that aren’t perfect!

Uploading work that is not perfect or where you are still working on can be scary. So I did it all and shared some very weird things

Personally, I struggle with this loads.

I already feel like work that isn’t perfect enough shouldn’t be uploaded but showing raw sketches or something half through is scary as well.

Today I wanted to share some of these things with you anyway. I think it is great to show these sometimes. To see the difference between when you started and where you ended but also to encourage people who might be in different stages of their journey.

I know that when I see the work of my friends or people I admire in the “not yet perfect” – stage it encourages me to keep trying and learning because that is what they did. Now they can make their thoughts into perfect paintings.


I love how my ideas evolve on paper. The progress sometimes creates something entirely different than I started off with.

Sometimes you just find things don’t turn out as planned. Working around your issues might  even make a painting better than you expected. Don’t be afraid to stray from the path! 


Trying new thing

portsit practise 1

Something that changes often in my paintings is the faces. I like to play around with the eyes and the mouth and new styles and create a new face every time.


This painting was made in black and white before I glazed over it with colour.


Sometimes my experiments don’t turn out as I wanted them to. It is sad but you can’t always have what you want. I liked to try this with the bright colours but both the face, the angle and the colours created something slightly too weird for me!

pastel portrait


Sketches are how I save my ideas for later times. Sometimes I just have so many different pictures in mind that I need to put them down on paper to not forget them. This is one of the paintings I am saving for a later time. At the moment, I am working on a request. This means that my own plans are one hold.

This sketch is meant to become a picture full of flowers and more. I am excited to try my hand at peonies and other flowers.

nectarwipnectar wip

I hope some of this was inspirational to you! See more of my work in progress when you follow me on Tumblr

Do you share you work in progress? As an artist do you like to do so or do you only like to show finished work?

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