How to write meaningful comments and build connections

I see this advice a lot; “write meaningful comments”. It is supposed to be amazing for your traffic. You will make blog friends and build an amazing community. This is all true. But how does one write these “meaningful comments”.

What are meaningful comments?

This  means that the comment has some kind of meaningful content. The comment achieves it goal. This can be something like standing out, leaving a genuine compliment or making a connection.

Comments that are not meaningful only consist of (for example);

  1. Great read
  2. Check out my blog (link)

Of course, if you are in a hurry and you only are commenting for the sake of traffic this might seem the best way to go.

But while this might even get you a little traffic it will not build you a solid following.

(Btw, if you have little time but you still want to leave a compliment there is of course nothing wrong with that and we still love to hear from you!)

Things that do get you attention are comments that are a little bit more in depth. This does not mean you will have to pour out your heart in every comment but there are some simple things that make your comments more interesting to read.

How do we write a meaningful comment?

Here are some of the tips I use to write comments that show that I care about the content;

  1. Comments that feel more meaningful often include a clue that you have read the post. I often do this by pointing out a thing that I agree a lot with. This could be in a list, the things I do too. But you can also point out the way someone phrased something that you think is great.
  2. Compliments never hurt. I know I said that “great read” is not meaningful but when you include it in a bigger comment it is an amazing way to make someone happy!
  3. Length is another factor If you can get you comments over 3 sentences that will really help make you look interested

A great way to determine what a meaningful comment would be for the person is imagining what kind of comments you want to receive on a piece.

If you write a “how to” you might like to hear about the problems it has solved for others more than just a simple thank you.

If you wrote a DIY-post, hearing what people are planning to do with your craft idea might be fun.

Often writing meaningful comments doesn’t have to be so hard. 

 Some things to talk about; 

When you have read a blog post sometimes you know immediately what you want to say. Sometimes, however, you know you want to respond but you might not be sure how.

Personally like I said I start with pointing out something in the article that I found particularity interesting. If that doesn’t really work for you in the situation you can also try some other things like talking about your own experience. (Like how you have tried something else that worked for you.) 

If you are not keen on sharing your own opinion and or experience you can always try a good question. I personally love getting questions because they make me feel helpful when I know the answer. I feel like most bloggers are happy to help you with questions and it is a great way to start conversations not only with the author but also with others in the comment section.

Of course, more and more bloggers like to include a question at the end of their posts like me. It encourages interaction and discussion. Never be afraid to just simply answer that question. It is there for a reason. (Most bloggers are really interested in your answer.)

Last tips;

Comments that disagree are dangerous to write unless the article is very innocent. Of course, this also depends on where you are writing that comment. A disagreement on what pencil is better is a great conversation starter while disagreement on parenting style is probably a terrible idea if you want to leave a comment to benefit your own blog.

Disagreement is okay but try to stay away from it when posts are on religious or politics unless it is encouraged. It doesn’t matter how polite you might bring it, in writing tone often gets lost I feel.

I know people might disagree with me, but I’d rather not comment then get in a fight with other people or even make them feel bad about things.

All in all, I would say that is all I can say about leaving meaningful comments. I feel like writing comments is also a skill that will get easier the more practice you get.

When I look back at my first comments on artwork  it mostly looked like a teenage girl crushing over the work.

Now I can comment and feel I have not only left a compliment but added something to the discussion or for the next reader.

Let me know what your opinion is about disagreement in the comments!

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