Stop learning, start doing; my main tip for the new entrepreneur!

When you are a new entrepreneur eager to start your own blog and business and wanting to grow you will ultimately find all the advice posts that the internet has to offer.

I am one of those bloggers & entrepreneurs that are subscribed to a thousand emails lists and pour over every article that promises me more readers and interactions. Even though I have spent so much time reading millions of articles, emails, ebooks and more I still only have around 20 page views a day if I am lucky.

While this is a wonderful number and I am grateful for everyone who does read my content, it is not something you will make a living off.

How can you be a better entrepreneur? By actually being a entrepreneur instead of just learning like I did! Take action NOW!

Early on I thought that blogging would be easy. I would write and the readers would come. I would simply publish on some social media sites and the views would pour in. I would write a short post or just share a video and hope for the best. Unfortunately, that didn’t work so I started reading all these articles. Six months later I am still reading.

Stop learning, Start doing; my nr. 1 tip for new entrepreneurs. How learning alone won't help you!

So why doesn’t it work?

Advice posts can be great, but not when you read all of them. You need to be an entrepreneur and business owner not just a really good blog reader.


A lot of these articles just repeat what others are saying. There is just only so many ways to grow your traffic.

I have been guilty of writing these posts as well! Posts that don’t really tell you something new but just give a list of things everybody who has spends some time researching can tell you.

These posts aren’t bad. But after you have read some your probably get a general idea. You don’t have to keep reading these tips since at some points you just remember.

Not always experts;

I wasn’t an expert when I wrote these and many other people aren’t either. There is a difference between the posts that are written from experience or that are just lists of facts.

This isn’t bad but you just go above these posts at some point.

Opposite tips;

The most frustrating one is when you find contradicting tips. It happens all the time and it is just based on what worked for one person. For example; Do you need to guest post or not? Is that something that will drive traffic. Is making money of google adds a good idea or do you need to sell your own services?

That can get just very confusing.

Why endless learning won’t help an entrepreneur?

If you are just reading you are not doing. When you just keep finding more info you don’t make concrete plans. You don’t need to just do your workbooks and worksheets you need to go out there.

An overload of information is just going to make you feel overwhelmed maybe even confused. Plus, how can you start feeling like a professional entrepreneur if you keep relying on everybody else’s advice?

You need to start planning and working with your own plans and goals and actually taking action.

How do you really grow you blog?

So how do you really grow your blog? (Don’t worry this will not turn into a secret tip post)

I think the best way to grow your blog is to do the things you want to do. Want to make info-products? Just go for it.

Don’t follow one formula of tips you found. Do things you like, skip things you don’t.

Do new things as well! Things that nobody has mentioned. Who knows you could be writing the next revolutionary blog posts about promotion/writing/small business.

How do you use new information when you are learning?

So if you find a useful snippet do you just need to let it go?

That depends on what the information is. I personally use three categories for information that I do keep;

  • Useful lists or sites; when I find a new resource or page I save it in my business folder so I can go back to it.

  • Tips that are new or exciting; I use my blogging notebook to write tips down that are multiple uses or that take so time to implement. I also write down the site and article just so I can keep track of where the information came from

  • Tips for direct use; Things like plugins I am interested in or other things you can do right now, I just do. There is no point in saving it for later or such if you think it could be helpful. Just try it out.


Things to do right now.

Start a list and folder for useful articles so you can keep everything you do like. Unsubscribe from all email lists that do not offer you new exciting information. Hold a clean out on your computer for any printables you don’t use and books you have already read unless you think you will read them again.

Personally, I like to make a real goal that I am working towards.

And then just work. (I know this is an anti-climax)

But really, you are the one who needs to work on your business and need to be the expert for your business. 

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How do you keep a good balance between learning and working? 

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6 Responses to “Stop learning, start doing; my main tip for the new entrepreneur!

  • Hi Sofie,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I can really relate to the repetitive advice and information overload. My favourite part of what you suggested was to unsubscribe from email lists I don’t need anymore and to declutter. I recently signed up to a seminar on how to improve my email list even though I have read loads about it already and when it came to confirming my email address I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I know what to do, I just need to do it now. There is no need for more webinars, more advice. I feel as well that many of such newsletters only make you subscribe to their friends newsletter so they can pitch to you. It’s getting a bit boring when there is nothing else that comes in.
    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and experience,
    Romica 🙂

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      Hi, Romica!
      I totally relate to the sales pitches in your email box. It can get quite repetitive. Unsubscribing really helped me with actually reading my inbox in the first place. I am glad you liked this and that you agree! I have been trying to be much more actionable instead of just reading blog post after blog post. Now I hope others will do the same!
      Thank you so much again for reading and I love that you shared your thoughts as well!
      ~ Sofie

  • Hi Sofi,
    Great to see you. Regarding your “Why it doesn’t work tip” not everyone is an expert:
    That’s why I love to publish case study posts. By presenting case studies of my blogging successes with screenshots and case studies of other people’s blogging successes, it isn’t just “tip overload”, it’s concrete proof the methods work.
    Thanks for bringing your post to the Blogger’s Pit Stop.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew
    PS I have a Blogger Collaboration Group where I’d be happy to share your links for further exposure.

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      Hi, Janice!
      I think that is a great way to convert new info! Especially with new tips and information, it is a great way to show people how it works and when. You are one of those bloggers who actually keeps bringing in new and exciting content! I am always looking forward to your emails!
      Your collaboration group sounds great btw! I would love to hear more.
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!

      ~ Sofie

  • I couldn’t agree more! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve over-researched and psyched myself out of something that I really wanted to start. More often than not, we already have all of the tools we need to start, and the rest can be learnt along the way. Thanks for this awesome post!

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      I am glad you agree! I totally relate to that. Especially when I find things contradicting each other. Sometimes I get so confused I rather just close my browser. Thank you so much for reading Kayla ~ Sofie

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