Some more inspiration; Sketchbooks

Inspiration is something that sometimes is there in abundance and sometimes I have to dig deep. What I did recently is looking at other peoples sketch books. For most people sketchbooks are quite private and often people keep them to them self.

However, I’ve found a YouTube-channel associated with Drawing Tutorials Online On which amazing art students share their sketchbooks with the world. The images are stunning and I’m very impressed with the amount and quality of this and I do aspire to become as good as them.

Some of my favourites;

Gama’s Sketchbook

Omnaya’s Sketchbook Incredible Line

Oliver’s Sketchbook Part II

These people are very very talented and I love looking at the different things you could do in a sketchbook and also the very different styles. If you check these out do tell me which one you love! I’ve yet to see them all.


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