Workshops and online lessons; do you need them?

So in the blogging world, there are a lot of products going around. And while everybody loves a lovely freebie some products cost some serious money. This includes workshops and webinars given online! Speaking of workshops, I came across these mytefl reviews and wondered why not go ahead with a course to enhance my skillset?

I have seen Workshop that cost up to 1000$ which sounds insane to me. While I would pay 200 euros for a weekly painting class with 15 lessons somehow online seems to be an entirely different story.

So what is the difference and should you pay for things like this? Could you do without?

workshops and online lessons, what are they and do you need them? Plus why are they so expensive?

Online versus real life.

People like me who are fairly new to the world of online classes might feel like they do not hold the same value as real life classes. While this might be true for some professions (like acrobatics for example… I would not attempt that one without a proper real time teacher) the blogging world is one of those things that is already entirely online.

There have come more and more tools to make online classes just as good as real-time classes and in some cases even better.

Think about the videos chatrooms where you can ask questions, emails and updates.

Recently I followed a skillshare class made by my good friend Romica. I really noticed that with watching the video’s and doing the exercises getting updates and feedback it felt like a learning experience. Even more so than some of my high school art classes that could get quite messy. (I did spend entire lessons with just trying to find out what we were supposed to do)


The downside to webinars and workshops can be the price. Sometimes workshop can cost up to a $1000. While this might feel normal for real life classes, paying this much online can feel ridiculous

calculus 1 workshops

So why are they so expensive?

Well, these workshops are often very different from those you would take at a local school. First, if you take them with independent bloggers you need to realise that these people pay everything from this. While a teacher who is with an organisation or school might get regular income and access to resources. Bloggers and entrepreneurs create everything themselves; the lesson materials, the resources, sometimes even the classroom or learning environment.

They don’t get paid a regular income for that, neither do they get paid for all the time that they spend on setting the whole thing up. So when they launch they need to get paid back for all the effort that was put in the creation of it all.

Second of all, you pay them for their knowledge and expertise. Maybe they have done the thing they are teaching for year or they have spent days on researching the topic so you can get it in easy step by step courses

Really when it comes down to it you should be paying what it is worth. But if you are not sure about the value of the course you can always check out previous content on said bloggers blog, any free resources they have made or check out claims that are made in the sales pitches.

Doing your research is always great.

Do you need workshops?

Do you need online webinars & workshops? This totally depends on what you want to learn and what your goals are. Say, for example, you want to learn how to build an email list. If you want to know how your favourite blogger or entrepreneur did this, entering their online class will definitely help you.

desk set up 1

If you have all the time in the world you could however also just find out how to do it yourself. There are lots and lots of free resources online for you to choose from. If you combine certain ones and read on the topic you could figure it out all on your own. In that case, workshops could only speed up the process.

If you are having trouble with a subject, for example, entering an online workshop might be the thing you need. If you have been trying for a long time, you might want to look for a workshop that has live sessions and such so you can ask questions about your specific situation.

Workshops and online classes are a great place to get feedback on your work to make sure you are doing it right. While when self-studying this is of course, not the case.


Here is another secret. Most online workshops come with coupon codes and discounts. If you are on an email list or follow the blogs that you are interested in, the chance is that at one point or another there will be a coupon code for you.

Also, a lot of platforms and such that organise workshops with influencers might approach bloggers in that specific niche.

You might have noticed that lately I have been tweeting and mentioning a lot about building a successful Etsy store. That is exactly this. I loved the idea, I loved their store, and I really want to build a successful Etsy store myself (as you probably know) so I thought this was perfect for this blog, as you al join me on this journey.

Overall I think that you should join workshop if you want to learn something. But when you do, do make sure that the value you are paying is right (and maybe do a cheeky search for a coupon code)

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Things you might want to look for when you enter a workshop. Do they offer;

  • Live sessions; great for asking more personal questions and to really get the answers you want.

  • Workbooks/e-books; great for later reference afterwards. Often these things contain lots of information so having the e-books to look through are great for when you are really implementing your resources.

So overall the you need to decide when you need a workshop or want to follow one but I do believe they can be very valuable. But if you can’t afford them there are lots of free resources online that can help you along the way as well.

Let me know if you ever followed an online workshop and if so what is your favourite part and would you recommend it to others?

5 Responses to “Workshops and online lessons; do you need them?

  • I am probably very naive on the topic, but I once followed a free workshop, live. And some of the information was helpful, some was just not possible for me. And at the end came the sales pitch. And it suddenly occurred to me that the only reason for the free session at all was to get people to buy a paid package with more in-depth versions of the same information… for $500!

    I thought it was ridiculous. And I thought it was underhanded and misleading. But again, maybe I am naive and should have known this was their mission all along. But I signed up for a free workshop, not a huge advertisement ending with a request for $500! And I signed up for a free workshop because I’m currently unemployed and cannot afford to spend anything.

    So paid workshops really “rub me the wrong way,” so to speak, at this point. The free part is the infomercial and the paid product is the infomercial product that may or may not do what it claims.

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      I can totally understand this. I have had webinars which turned out to be sales pitches like this before as well. I do really like the chatrooms for networking at these events but overall they are useless indeed.

      I think you should really only do workshops if you trust the source enough. Everyone can make a workshop if they wanted to. I prefer e-books myself because I find it easier to get information from reading and you have an actual copy of the info. But like I said I did have some great online classes before from people that I trusted and liked!

      A little question on the topic; Would you be interested in a list of free valuable resources for blogging and business? I am thinking of writing one so I would love to hear what you think.

      I understand that these numbers can be quite ridiculous and I think that the most people who want to start a business are not rolling around in money to begin with! (I am certainly not)

      ~ Sofie

      • Sofie – I think your posts are awesome and amazing – you are knowledgeable and I think it’s great that you share what you know – without any catch! I keep forgetting to keep up on my wordpress blog, but I think I will be more consistent really soon! I just registered as a business and my Etsy is stocked I’m at 99 listings and this weekend I will have 100 or more in my shop! That’s been my goal along with consistent marketing in Instagram and my own Facebook business page! Things are moving along, slowly and without a budget, but at least they are moving! Have a wonderful weekend:)
        Oh, I also changed my wordpress theme and got my logo uploaded and I just need to tweak the page a bit more and then decide if I really like the theme. Check it out if you have time and any feedback is welcome!

        • artsbysofie
          6 years ago

          Wow, Lori, I hope to have my shop as stocked as yours one day. At the moment, I am suffering from finding nothing good enough… It sounds like you are doing wonderful already. I am very happy to hear it. I will definitely check out your WordPress after this! It is really inspiring to hear from other business owners about their journey. I am very happy to hear from you so regularly and I hope I can support you some more next month. Thank you so much for your lovely words and your involvement!
          ~ Sofie

    • I completely agree! I had the same thing happen to me, and I’ve signed up for many newsletters which just ended up directing me to pricey workshops – way out of my budget. Once in a while I’ve actually gotten some good info or a mini e-Book and it’s been very helpful. But he paid workshops are “rubbing me the wrong way” too. I know they are trying to make a buck too, but when they can offer a few free tips/resources then I’m more inclined to stick to their email newsletters. I especially love Foundr – the provide lots of information for free and podcasts! They are my favorite right now, especially since I can’t afford to spend anything either right now! Good luck with your searches!

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