Two week in; staring a creative business

Hello everyone!

This is my recap post of what I’ve done and what my goals are for the next few weeks! I might want to do this post for every 2 weeks so that people can read my entire journey.

Begin this year I dropped out of university. Somewhere this spring I decided I wanted to begin a creative business and make a living as a artist. For this project I have 1 whole year. At the end of this year I hope to have good enough results to continue this journey. This does not mean that I expect to make a full income or to be rich! I just want enough prove that this could become something. This all takes a lot of planning and goal setting!

My to do list and planning equipment which I use to make my plans.

So my official year started in September but I’ve already started something before that. This blog for example already existed for sometime but I switched names to something that represented me more (It’s my name and my dream) and my devaintArt was also already online for sometime! Also my pintrest already existed but I used it for my own pleasure.

What I did do this two weeks is making a blogging schedule. I will try to make 3 blogpost per week as to not spam people but also not entirely disappear. I think this might be the best frequency but if you think differently, do let me know. I will upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and hopefully keep improving. I am going to try to focus more on personal content (which is still useful, just less facts that can be find though google!).

Furthermore I made my pintrest into a business pintrest. Lots of bloggers say that pintrest is their main site for leads and I love browsing on pintrest. Making a business pintrest turned out to be free and now people can more easily see my pins. I’m still thinking about how I can make my account better but I think this is a good step! I personally also really like pintrest analytics. Fancy numbers in nice charts make me exited. I would highly recommend this to everyone who feels the same!

Some more boring thing were setting up hosts. I had to host both my blog and my site. For my blog I bought a custom domain so I could eventually customize it entirely. My site I hosted on a site called hostinger. It wasn’t online yet because the instructions were not so clear. While I was waiting for my domain name to be resolved it turned out that I actually did not enter al my information but they never notified me. So that almost took me a week. However, I’m forever grateful for my boyfriend who custom made the site for me in a way that I can almost do everything on my own. It turned out so lovely and simple and chic which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve kept it fairly simple because I would like to have the focus on my art. Check it out here. It’s not entirely polished yet so I would love some feedback!

My sites homepage and setup

I did a lot more little tasks like photographing my art work and working on my online presence and most importantly working on my Etsy store!

For the next two weeks my goals are making sure that that Etsy store is online and creating a new one for just my own art work which is not nautical! Even more importantly, I need to make a Paypal of my own.

I would also like to continue to grow my blog audience and my Pintrest followers. For my blog I would like to work towards 10 views a day which maybe sounds small but I think I could do that. I also really want to find some people with blogs in the same niche so I can follow those. On Pintrest I want to work on re-pinning more frequently but also pinning things from the internet.

I also have some design to-do’s for the next few weeks, one being my personal logo for which I have very exiting ideas. I’m not going to reveal things yet but I’m very looking forward to the blogpost in which I can release this. I am also working on some custom buttons and most most importantly the secret project… I hope to reveal that in a blogpost very soon to! Those who follow me on devaintArt might have already seen some of the work and I will link to the progress Tumblr very soon.

Watch my devaintArt fro secret project works

So my to-do list is;

  • Launch Etsy store
  • Make paypal
  • Finish logo
  • Write the project bog post
  • Make custom buttons
  • (Upgrade to

So overall I think the next few weeks are going to be busy but full of fun. I have some very exiting projects and posts and I think I’ve come very far already.

I really enjoyed writing this progress post and I think I will keep doing this. They are great for me to too look back at and to see what I have done already. I hope that they are also interesting for other people to see what goes into starting a business. Maybe this has given you some idea’s on things you could do!

I hope to hear from you and please let me know about your projects! I would really love to find more people staring a creative business or those who already started one!

~ Sofie

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