Social media blunders and how to face them.

It is no secret that I am not the best at social media and such. Half of the platforms I only know half of the functions of and etiquette isn’t my best side as well. (Why does it have to be different everywhere.) 

I am not rude or mean (at leats I never try to be) but sometimes you make mistakes and here are the ones I made and how to fix them!

Hopefully, this will maybe help you. Plus, if this ever happens or happened to you we can all relate and maybe be slightly less embarrassed.

Social media blunders and how to face them. Everything on which mistakes I made and how I fixed them!


What did I do?

Asking a question than forgetting to check back…

I never realized people were sofas on Facebook. I was having quite an intense struggle with my stats and it was already lasting some days.

So at one point I thought “He! I know a nice blogging community filled wit lovely people and professional bloggers. I’ll just ask there”

So I did, which was quite brave. But then I went on with my struggle and totally forgot about posting there. Only 30 minutes later I remembered. While the lovely people already responded within 5 minutes. So I was mortified.

I never even noticed that people ever reacted that quickly to questions and I had let them hanging after they were offering help.

So I went back to all of them and responded to every single one. I am not sure if that fixed it but at least, I told them “thank you” and if it worked or not.

Lesson learned is that you should not walk away in a conversation like you wouldn’t do that in real life. Just because you are behind a computer screen doesn’t mean you are asking people for their time.


Lessons learned; always check who you are tagging. Two twitter names which include oak do not mean the are the same person.

Which I knew. I just didn’t watch what I was doing. And that made it quite an embarrassing.

Luckily both ladies are lovely and they simply pointed it out.

After just spending about 1 minute of being mortified, I apologized to them. I removed the faulty tweet and re-tweeted while tagging right.

Luckily everyone was very nice about it and I think that is also a great part of brand building on social media.

When people spell my name wrong, for example, I will ever call them out or be angry about it. I do love it when people use it right of course but making mistakes stand out doesn’t make you look very nice.

twitter header update


Not checking links is the worst mistake you can make on Pinterest probably. Even if the image says 10 amazing ways to bake cupcakes with just a cup of flour and 2 other ingredients, it could just be linking to a money scam or worse. If it links any were at all.

I have done this a lot of times and I do not recommend it. It is not good for your board and reputation as a source. Plus if you are searching your own boards for what you pinned and it doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it is a huge disappointment.

Always check what you are pinning and if you do pin and pin with a broken link just delete it straight away. If someone repinned that link (maybe one of your loyal followers) maybe just send them a quick message letting them know the pin is broke and that you repinned it on accident.

General mistakes I have added a lot are just spelling mistakes and I think it is best to fix them if you see them but they rarely turn out that bad.

If they do however just sending out an apology should fix it.

So basically, for any situations on social media your two main steps are;

  1. apologize if necessary

  2. Rectify your mistake as soon as possible

Most people online are very nice and forgiving. So hopefully, you will not have problems resulting from your little mishap.

Did you every have any embarrassing social media blunders? And how did you fix them? 

I would love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to “Social media blunders and how to face them.

  • I can totally relate to the Twitter thing. I’ve probably already done it more than once. The good thing about is that noone tries to hate me for it. But noone corrects me either. I guess I can just shrug it off and move on.

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      Since the time I did call out I have been extra carefull so hopefully it will never happen again! I am glad I am not the only thought haha
      ~ Sofie

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