Are you in the wrong blog niche? All about small blogging niches.

When starting a blog one of the big issues is finding your niche. But what are niches and what if you choose a niche that is not big and obvious?

Sometimes people let themselves by led by where they think the money is or the audience but it is much better to blog where ever you want to be!

Blogging in a small niche doesn’t have to be bad. 

What are niches all about and should you care about how big yours is? An insight into blogging niches and more by a blogger that struggled with those! Are you in the wrong blogging niche?

Niches in blogging are like tables in the high school cafeteria off a cheesy chick flick. (Or at least that is how I imagine them.) Except for the fact that most people really have a passion for the table that they are sitting on and they’re not all teenagers.

If I had to describe for instance the fashion blog table than I would say that is a very popular table. This table is so big they make sub-tables. Do you like indie fashion or more of a glamor style? There is always a place for you. Everybody wears clothes so of course these experts get a lot of attention.

The amount of people here is probably just overwhelming, but it does make for a big potential audience.

But what if you are part of one of the smaller tables?

Are you in the wrong blog niche: small niches and popularity.

What niche am I in?

Choosing your niche is quite a personal journey and for people who are multi-passionate, it can be quite hard to define where you fit in.

Now I would be more into the art corner. This is not such a big niche. (We’re dropping the tables for now.) The art niche is not super small or something, but I do think that there are a lot of people in it who just post artworks of others.

If you are all come together to talk about art you will soon realize that everybody likes other things. They will form sub-groups again and that is how you get small niches. Like a niche for all lovers of that one artist that makes sculptures out of pens, that might be a small niche.

You can take your niches as broad as you like.

If you get blogging you decide where you want to go blog. Which table do you like enough to decide, to write about it potentially for years to come?


When you are in a small niche; 

Blogging in a small niche can be hard for a few reasons.

Firstly; The smaller the niche the fewer topics might be available. I do not feel  like that is the case for me, but I did hear instances of this. Some topics are not as broad as others. But there are many creative ways to get around this problem.

Even more important, though, it might feel like no one is looking for what you are writing.

When I first started writing I felt as if there were not that many people on the same journey as I. The most bloggers I saw already presented as “accomplished” or just didn’t have the same goal.

A number of people might be small and you might not ever have a number of readers are the popular fashion bloggers.

But when you are blogging you should blog about what you know and love, not for popularity.

Not because it is wrong to want popularity (it is not). But simply because the motivation to keep writing and promoting is hard if you don’t have a passion for what you do.

Blog about what you know and love


So I would say that the size of the blogging niche doesn’t really matter as long as you love it.

Defining your niche can even help you in a way because you get a much clearer view of what audience you are looking for and maybe even where to find them.

Why keep going?

I just want to end with the fact that there is a vast amount of people online. There will be always someone interested in the same thing as you. So don’t give up, go out there and find them, so you can enjoy it together.

Incidentally, while I was planning this blog post, I actually did meet someone in the same blogging niche. Her name is Romica and she is working toward becoming a graphic designer! Her blog is very pretty and her content is great! So check her out here. 

Also, I recently read an very interesting blog post about blogging in a small niche. She blogs about being the wife of a chef. That is, of course, an even smaller niche! Read all about her blogging experience and how she still builds an audience here.

Reach outside your nice! Maybe you’ll find someone with a recipe blog who loves knitting just as much as you.  Who doesn’t love reading about delicious food, while networking outside their niche? 

If you are kind of lost about what my blog is actually about then you can check out these two posts;

“I want to make art for a living” and other unrealistic dreams

Finding the right blogging style

I hope that this helped some of you! Let me know what you define as your niche or if you even thought about it?

If you have any thoughts or tips on this leave it in the comments below! I always love meeting new people (in all niches) so don’t hesitate!



14 Responses to “Are you in the wrong blog niche? All about small blogging niches.

  • This topic is very intriguing. I’ve been blogging for a few years I think and although my general topic is art I’ve covered *how to* stuff to *encouragement* posts. Maybe that is too broad(?) But I like variety and different things. Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out. Interesting post.

    • I think keeping things broad is often a lot more enjoyable, but some say that to run a “successful​” blog you should stick to one topic. Personally I find that in the end all my topics blend in with my story anyway. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • Hi Sofie ^^, aw I was so happy to see that you mentioned me in your blog post. I also wonder how many “journey-bloggers” are, so far I haven’t found so many but I’m sure they are out there. Again, I’m very happy to “meet” you in the blogging world, and if you ever have a good idea for a collaboration let me know. I recently did a class on SEO for websites, have you already thought/learnt more about this?
    Have a wonderful day 🙂 or whatever time of day it will be that you read this

    • Hi! Sorry for the late answer.
      Thank you so much for another thoughtful comment! I mostly wonder where the journey bloggers are at when they are out there. There might be some magical place full of people with the same dream! 🙂
      If I think of an idea for a collaboration I will be sure to let you know!
      For Seo, I’ve read about it but never really done anything with except​ for trying to include keywords in almost everything. I hope you have a wonderful day to when you read this :)! I’m glad to have someone with me on this journey!

  • Hey. I totally agree with you, write about what you know and love. I started with a slightly small niche of music, but now I’m expanding it to cover other areas of entertainment. Anyway, it’s a lovely post, just keep an eye on those typos

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you can relate! I certainly will try to improve upon my writing. Thank you for reading anyway. 🙂

  • I love writing to a very specific audience as it’s easy to stay focused! But finding that audience to read your posts can be tough!! Good luck to all the small niche bloggers out there. Thanks for linking to my post! 🙂

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog’s ‘niche’ as of late, especially since it turned two years old. But I’m still not sure, the tagline does say quotes, books and more, so that’s that, at least for now.
    Personally, I think that the most important thing is to blog about what you love, and not to forget to experiment. In the end, blogging is a form of self-expression and only you yourself can decide how you want to it.

    • I totally agree! That is such a nice advice. I also think you can always create your own niche! When you have a unique focus you do have a lot of new things to talk about. But you are right. Definitely blog about what you love!

  • It’s nice to see someone else addressing this issue. (And thanks for linking to my post.) It’s so easy to compare ourselves and our blog to others, instead of staying focused on our own goals. It just might take some hard work and some time to find others but it can be done! 🙂

    • artsbysofie
      8 years ago

      Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for reading! I think it is easy to get caught up in all the blogging hypes as well instead of enjoying your blog. But it is good to see people blog what they love like you! ~ Sofie

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