How to Set up a Shop on Society6 step-by-step!

Print-on-demand shops are great for artists to make an income while not having to handle the shipping of products. Shipping can be quite a hassle especially because it can also be very expensive.

I personally was quite worried about setting up a shop because I thought it would be difficult and a lot of work! Luckily these sites do a lot to make it as easily for you as possible!

A step-by-step overview of setting up your own Society6 shop,

Your first step would be choosing a good Print on demand shop.

It is probably a good idea to start out with only one shop but I have seen artists who end up running shops on different platforms to appeal to more audiences and to have a bigger variation products.

For this blog post, we are going to look at society6 since that is the one I joined recently. (Which does make it easier to talk about the setting up process.) 


The setup process

The first step is super easy, you need to make an account. Really the only thing you need to do is sign up with your email and make up a password.

But if you want to sell  your work you need to verify you account via Paypal afterward. To do this you just need to go to sell in your menu in the top right corner. From there you will get to a page that gives you a link to verify your PayPal. This will cost $1 one time only and then they know where to pay you.

Uploading pictures

After this, you can start uploading your work. For optimum results, I would scan anything that fits in your scanner.

Make sure you clean up the image in some editing software so little specks or dirt don’t show up on the image when you go to upload it to society6. You can easily use free software like GIMP for this.

When you go to upload you work to society6 (again just go to sell in the top right corner) you can easily drag and drop files.

After this, you get to name your work, add tags and more. The menu is very well explained so you will know exactly what to write where. You can also edit your products later so don’t worry too much! 

Designing products

You just seamlessly enter the product designing part of the upload after this. It is super easy because they show the dimensions of all the products in their seller’s guide. Anything your image fits on is already previewed. You can toggle options on and of. By clicking on the product, you can change the image placements and size.

What I really love is the option to apply changes you have made to one product to similarly shaped products. It saves you a ton of editing time! 

Snow shoe hare pillow example

You also have the option to reshape images for different products and re-uploading them. This is great because you can add a white space for odd shapes like the mugs and clocks and such.

Final touches

Your account comes with an about me page so don’t forget to fill that one out. You can also have a profile picture so people can recognize you. I have used my face since I think most people who want to buy from me would recognize it!  But you can, of course, be as creative as you want.

The last step is uploading a shop banner. The banner is 100 px by 1000 px. This can look nice but I don’t think it is needed. It can, however, be a great way to show you creativity!


Setting up my society6 shop was way easier then I thought it would be. The shop itself is really easy to create and you can be up and  working in no time. The hardest part is actually getting your work online.

Want to have some help on how to get your images online?

In my e-book “How to easily promote your art online” I talk about scanning vs photographing your work. Plus, I have made a great overview of all the 3 most popular Print on demand sites if you are not sure yet which to join. 

Why should you want the e-book?

If you are opening a shop make sure to drop your shop address in the comments. I would love to check it out! 

The hardest task is actually after you open your shop.  Promoting you shop!

9 Responses to “How to Set up a Shop on Society6 step-by-step!

  • Hi, I was just wondering what paypal account is required for the shop? Is a personal account sufficient?
    Thanks. 😀

    • artsbysofie
      6 years ago

      Hi There, I only have a personal PayPal account and it works just fine.
      So no worries! Let me know if you join! I would love to see your shop.
      ~ Sofie

  • Hi! I just started and i have just one art uploaded, but i’ll upload more soon!
    take a look

  • I found this article very helpful when setting up my shop! I’m still just getting started, but my store is ! Check me out!

  • Hello,
    just found your shop on society6. Beautiful Art there. Follow you there now.
    Have my own shop there too.
    But im still not aible to upload my profile pic there. How can i do this?
    Wishes from Germany.

  • Hi there Sofie!
    Found this blog post while i was hunting down what size the personal header is for the Society6! Thank you so much for posting the size so i was able to make my own customized header 🙂 This blog post was super helpful 🙂 I have managed to upload my first piece of art work and lets just say i am soooooo nervous at putting myself out there like this…! If you have a chance have a look. Im going to finish up looking around on your site 🙂

    Thanks Kira

  • Thank you so much for this article, I just opened my shop and had been looking for the exact specs of the profile banner.
    also my shop is

  • Addo W.
    4 years ago

    Thank you so much for including the banner size requirements-I could not for the life of me find that information on the site. It took some time to get here, but that information can really make a big difference and I wish Society6 was a little more clear on what it needed.

    Fantastic article!

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