Props For the perfect blog photo?

Photos.. Photography… If you have been here for a while then you know that it is not my forte. Not only does it need to have a theme, it also needs to look pretty.

Recently I’ve been trying to really pay attention to my visuals. Not only for my blog but also for my Etsy shop. That is why the last two product have far better pictures in my opinion than the rest does.

To really get me going I decided to invest in some props so I could style all my photo’s in the theme that I want. As I mentioned in my 5 rookie mistakes post I really wanted to work on this.

Props For the perfect blog photo-  pinterest

I just thought I would share with you the thing I boughed for this and some of the results! I have been organising a lot of shoot ideas and I think they could be amazing. Please let me know what you think!

Giant chocolate cookies candle 

It smells so good and the colour is so pretty. I haven’t even light it yet and it still smells like it. I think the colours are beautiful and I love the subtle two colours. It looks very warm and cosy and I think it is a great decor piece. It is easy to place anywhere.

A doe antler

Don’t worry they drop these annually. No doe was hurt for this item. I even bought it at a nature protection organisation.

The antler is so beautiful and it feels simply incredible to hold something that ones belonged to such a wonderful creature. I have seen many of these does in the wild but it is still an amazing experience when I spot one.

Kitchen towels

I don’t really need tea towels but I simply love the colour of these. They are so rich  in colour and the subtle hue differences are beautiful. I thought I could use them as backgrounds or backdrops for future photo’s. I think they are a really nice variation on my colour scheme in general.

What I bought, props haul for the perfect blog photo.

Paper napkins

Again they fit the colour scheme and they were are a really good bargain. The whole pack contains 50 pieces so it can last me some time. I wanted to use these as well for the backgrounds, but also just as napkins to wipe my brushes and such. They can also just prop in any photo.

Vanilla scented tealights

These smell amazing! I might just have bought them for that. They do however also look really nice as smaller more subtle props. The white is softer than normal tea lights so  it is more of a cream. This does really fit as a highlight in the photo’s. I’m thinking about buying some holders for these as well so I can even light them in photos. props for the perfect photo's for my creative business

Picture frame

The picture frame was something I specifically was searching for. I think works of art can look even better if displayed in a frame, it gives more of an official feel to them. I wanted to have a more neutral frame so it didn’t interfere with the works in it. This way I can put any work in there.

I think the black is very simple and elegant and the thin border makes it look more elegant to me. I also choose one specifically with a passe partou it was easier to photograph works without the plastic in front of it. I also really love the effect of a big white border around it.

Apart from the antler all of it came from IKEA.

Here are some of the new pictures. I would love to know what you think about them! I want all my product listing to have one picture like this and some detail pictures.

hiding fish Illustration/Original Artwork

How to clean your monster

Buying these props was my first step toward better blog and product pictures. It might have been just a little motivation present for me but I do really like the new pictures that I took until now.

I think my favourite is the antler. They had even bigger ones but those were very expensive. The bigger deers are not as common in my country.

Let me know what you think about using props and if you have any favourites. Do you photograph you work in frames or without? 

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