How to work on your blog-photography

Not all of us are born photographers. There is an art to it that I for one do not naturally possess.

Visual content is getting more and more important. When you write blog posts, people prefer it when you interrupt your content with big beautiful images.

This way photography has become a key element of blogging.

So I have worked a lot on blog photography and while I was doing so I learned a few things!

Find your favourite style

There a lot of amazing photography styles out there. At first, I might not have recognised them but when you start to see more you can differentiate between the different styles.

For your blog, it might be a great idea to choose one kind of style. Not only because it will create a more consistent look but also because this way you only have to focus on getting one style good. Starting a photo board or hoarding some images online or out of magazines can point you in the direction of what you like.

After that, you just need to figure out the way to get that style for your photo’s.

A good way to do this is to make a mood board. (You can use Pinterest to do this or actually make a physical mood board!) 



When you don’t know what to shoot it can be difficult to find out how to shoot the pictures you want. This again can be solved by finding images you love.

Even better is using some free stock photos. The great thing about this is that you can find beautiful pictures and you can try to recreate the feel and style of them.

Stock photos are often very clean and well light. The styling and subject are something you can try at home as well. Found a great stock photo of a good cup of coffee? Try to make a similar photo of your own coffee at home.

You find you enjoy flower pictures? You just try out some of those.

For photography, you don’t only need styling but also the position of which you take the picture and cropping of the images.

P.s. Post-production and editing of the image are also super important when making blog images!

Practice, practise, practise.

Maybe a repetitive piece of advice but there is nothing I can do about it. Like any skill you want to acquire, practice is the way to go.

The composition is something you don’t always see from the beginning and styling and such is a problem all on its own.

Like any kind of skill, photography is one you must learn by practice. I like to shoot a lot of pictures anytime I go somewhere interesting.


I also take a lot of shots just random around the house to practise with styling and light!

But think of other ways as well, as photography challenges, projects and more to practise your skills!

Take a lot of shots

Not only does this make sure you get a lot of practice. You also get a bigger chance at shooting the exact picture you need for your blog post. Taking more than one picture makes the chance bigger that you get the shot you want. Try different camera settings and angles just to make sure.

This definitely makes it more work to shoot but it also helps you learn a lot about your camera which will make it easier later on.

Both of the last tips also make you build your photo library, which is one of the three ways to make blogging easier.

How to work on your blog-photography

I keep getting better at photography and I like that a lot. It was something I always wanted to be good at but didn’t seem to get any better at! But now that I keep practising I finally am getting some shots I love.

I hope you can feel the same way about photography. If you have any tips on improvement don’t forget to leave them in the comments.

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