How I got on with my goals in January

The first month of 2018 is almost over! I am always confused by how fast the time seems to go by.

I wanted to stay true to my goals this year and what better way to do than to have a monthly review of those goals. 

So I listed all my goals out below and I want to update you on them!

Side note; I would also love to hear how your goals are going! 

Make better graphics. 

I have made more graphics this month! I am reading up on design and looking for more design freebies! Also When I have some time I like to look into stock-photos and mock ups! I even made my first ever good mock-up for the library & landing page.

I think I am at least improving slightly!

library set up page desk small


Hey! I also updated the library with loads of cool new stuff, including new mini-ebooks to help you edit your photographs and to stop learning or info – overwhelm!

If you are not part of the tribe yet you can join here and see what it is you get!

Spend more time promoting.

Hey see, I promoted myself and my work above!

No, to tell you the truth this one is super hard. I have booked some improvement but I am definitely not promoting 80/20. a

(You spend 20% of the time creating and 80% promoting, or I have also seen “spend twice the time you spend creating on promoting”) 

I am a creator and I create a lot of content. But to be honest, the promoting is hard. But if I don’t promote, nobody is aware of all the helpful content I create. Right?

So we will try harder in February.

Psssstt, if you have a good tip or article on this, help a girl out!


Have a content calendar running in advance.

Kinda? I lapsed in the middle there and I definitely don’t have everything I want in there yet but I have been creating some pretty amazing content this month if I think so myself.

Including a good post on how to make a content calendar that works for you!  

I know many others also struggle with content calendars and actually making them work. So I wanted to do the research to help you do that!

I have been scheduling on social media a lot as well lately so there is some quality content coming your way there! 

Comment more on other blogs. 

This one I definitely did and I hope to continue that success. Whenever I am reading posts that I really like and I am sharing it, I find myself adding a comment more and more often! 

My favourite way to comment is when I join a linky party or promotion post because then I know the content is new and exciting!

If you want to do this one too, I have a great post on commenting meaningful things here! 

Don’t let fear stop me.

This one is still hard. I have some pretty important emails piling up and making the decision is still though. 

I also struggle with uploading some things I am not 100% sure about but I am hoping to do two things;

  1. Be happy with things that are 80% perfect (Honestly this concept is great; Hank Green explains this amazingly in this video)
  2. do one thing that scares me every day! 

So let’s see how that goes. I will update you next month if this works for me! 

Art Goals

Sketch more 

I have but I also haven’t? This has been a super busy month for me with loads of work and also things that didn’t work at all.

Basically, I have some great sketches But I have also spent an entire week without sketching.

I think next month I will just track this one better and we will see!

Improve my anatomy

This one I did do with a little help from Pinterest! If you didn’t know I have a board on Pinterest where I keep drawing tutorials

And I have been doing loads of research and adding pins there to help me! It has been fun! I might upload some of my hand sketches on Instagram later!

Studying light

I have done some simple light sketches. But in February I want it to be a little bit more exciting. So how about coloured light! 

Seems like a good idea to me. Maybe I will come up with some other good things to practice!

So That is how my year is going!

Let me know where your goals are at! And if you would like some of my practise sketches next month? 

This post is a sweet short one to hopefully help you stay motivated! If you want to do this with me I would love a comment and come back next month!

Are you still doing your new years resolutions? Want to make it one big productive and successful year for your blog and business? Why not join me on the monthly review so we can motivate each other!

Are you still doing your new years resolutions? Want to make it one big productive and successful year for your blog and business? Why not join me on the monthly review so we can motivate each other!

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