6 months in; starting a creative business

I flopped this month, totally flopped. What is flopping? I am not sure but it sounded like a great word to describe this month in creative business.

Last month was quite the month, I made my first income and I did a lot of amazing stuff and then this month nothing.

I did start 10000 ebooks (or 3) and I have finally started writing my blog post in advance (more than 5 minutes in advance) But it is the networking and promotion department where I just didn’t do enough this month.

6 months in; starting a creative business. Everything from stats to plans. My honest journey to starting a business with no prior knowledge!

I am happier with the content I made this month, I really am. I think it is more fun to read and I tried to include a lot more personality. But promoting it and interacting online seemed so much harder this time.

But this post is not the “let’s hear how Sofie whines about how hard life is “ post it is the “what will I do this month to make it better” post.


I went down to two posts a month in the hope that I would write better content. Overall I think I have written better content like I said, but I was worse at promoting than ever. That is why I cerated a new system for myself.

I have used this before to get through my exams. I needed to d some hardcore practise for my Beta classes like math and physics so I decided to do 3 exercises a day for every subject. I made myself a little grid so I could cross them off and I got quite aggressive about not breaking the chain.

exam grid

So I made myself a new promotion sheet with grids.

Since I was so terrible at the whole promotion thing I definitely had fewer page views this month. My jetpack says I had 306 page views in this month which means just a little above 10 a day.

jetpack stats february

It is not terrible but not amazing either.

My google analytics puts me at 345 views thins month so that is slightly better. Also introducing my bounce rate, so the amount of people that only visit one page is just 26%. This means 1 out of 4 and the other 3 look at more than one page.

google analytics february

Really typing this out makes me feel a lot better about it all.

This month I really want to;

  • finish one of my ebooks
  • work more on promotion

(Btw you can download the sheet I will be using in the Library!)

Social media

Pinterest is still going strong, I didn’t really grow my followers but I did keep consistent repinning through the month.

I haven’t been that active on facebook. It is one of my least favourite social media sources and I am not even sure why.

I did pass 300 followers this month on twitter! I have been tweeting a little less consistent but it keeps growing.

Also, I finally did make and Instagram! I did it.


Now the quick story of why it took so long. I have a wonderful amazing friend who is an even better artist and very succesful on Instagram. I was kinda scared because she is so good that I can’t help to compare myself. Terrible habit and it doesn’t help anyone, so now I am operating undercover. I am sure I will get over myself eventually.

I did not create any new twitter cover but I will try to do that as soon as possible.

So this month I want to;

  • change my twitter cover really this time

  • work on my Instagram instead of hiding in a corner


I definitely created more but I was terrible at uploading that stuff so for this month I will be trying to do 30 days of fanart challenge. I already started and I am on day 3 now so I might be doing good.

It really helps me with finding my style while trying out new things and learning how to copy things without really copying them.

I should have filled up my Etsy shop by now, and you can view the company too, but I didn’t. Mostly because I have been struggling a lot with finding my work good enough. It is one of the most annoying feeling that I know. I think it is something I really need to work on if I want to make it into a creative business.

Esty stats february

However, I did really try to promote my art more this month. Mostly on Tumblr which is not the best or easiest place. But it is a platform where I am not that nervous about.

I did write more about art and creativity. I did some posts I enjoyed a lot like the art supply posts;

I am planning some more related art posts for the future like the draw this again challenge to talk about improvement and such.

I really like doing these posts and I think the represent what I am about a lot more than 3 blogging tips to do more blogging about blogging.

I still like to write these posts as well but I m just thinking about doing those different as well.

Total income this month;

0,02 euro

I think the big thing this month was just that I spend a lot of time feeling not so good and it really impacted my motivation for my creative business. I really hope I can turn that around this month while I keep going for my goals.

That is also part of why I wrote my perfect day in the life post. I hope it will give me more motivation to see what I am working for.

We will try again in this new month!

Let me know what you use as motivation to keep going. Also, if you have any tips or suggestions I would love to hear from you! 

4 Responses to “6 months in; starting a creative business

  • Hi Sofie,
    I was looking forward to this post 🙂 the biggest critic of an artist is herself. I hope more and more you can love your work. When I find it hard to love my work as a whole I try to look at an aspect of my work that I liked. Like this I can keep feeling positive about what I do.
    I’m so happy to see you on Instagram and I always enjoy to see a new post.

    • artsbysofie
      8 years ago

      Hi Romica,

      I’m sorry this is such a late answer, I had quite a busy weekend. I think you tip on loving your work! I will definitely try that this week.
      I also will try to upload some more on Instagram but it all feels quite new. I do really enjoy your posts as well!

      I hope to speak to you soon,

  • Well, I’m 5 months in and can’t keep my head above water much! I love Instagram and I’m very comfortable with that platform…it’s just my choice I guess because it’s so Visual and the captions are short. I feel like I’m always short on time! I’m pretty good at keeping up on Facebook too and I’m slowly getting better at Pinning and Blogging…this area always needs work. I feel like we are the opposite in our promoting platforms;) I just remind myself everyday this mantra “Progress, not Perfection”. That’s about the only tip I have. You will get there! I think I will too (eventually at a Turtles pace!)

    • artsbysofie
      8 years ago

      Hi, Lori!
      Thank you so much for your insights. It is funny how you can all have totally different experiences while doing the same things!
      I think that mantra is perfect! I will try to remember myself sometimes.
      I hope it keeps going well for you.
      ~ Sofie

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