3 months in; starting a creative business

Like always, I first want to say, time is going so fast. Only 9 months left on this journey. But the first 3 months really have been going well. I have learned a lot about marketing and networking.

I feel like this blog has really been growing and I love that. I can see my work pay off.

3 months in starting a creative business. Everything I learned from 3 months of business plus plans for the next month!

Pinterest 3 months in; starting a creative business


I can honestly say that I had a little bit of a downfall. My view did not go up this month. Luckily they also didn’t go down. And this month I did pass a 1000 view and it is getting close to 1500.

And I’m excited to say that we are going to move this blog to self-hosted! I hope to move in the weekend of 19/20 and I hope I can start creating income sources!

Not only do I think about Ads, I’m also thinking about an ebook and a lot of freebies. So I hope to see you all there!! I will keep sofiedoesart.com as my domain hopefully so it will be easy to find me again!

I will release the details as soon as possible!

I also decided that I could use a blogging break. So right after the move, I will be offline for a little bit but I hope to have scheduled a lot of useful posts for you to enjoy.

I realize that this will make my stats drop for a little, but I hope to be able to start in a new year with a whole new drive.

I do think I have gotten better at photography. I have been thinking about improving this from the start of this blog and I finally feel like we are getting somewhere.

Just a little comparison;

photo comparison.jpg

New goals;

  • move the blog
  • update about page (it is  not finished)
  • create at least one freebie!

Social media

I never thought I was going to be reasonable on twitter, but it is working. I think that the main reason for that is the tool I use for scheduling my tweets.

One of my goals was to make social media my main lead to my blog. It isn’t yet, but it is rising in the ranks! More importantly, most of my visitors come through search engines which means that my SEO is at least slightly working.

Referals November.PNG

Pinterest is still one of my struggles, but I have started a big plan for this platform. I have studied resources plans and analytics and I think I have found a plan that might work.

Also, I joined some facebooks groups. I thought it would never be my kind of platform, but I have been loving the groups. I found new bloggers and support and I have high hopes for the future.

I did make a new profile picture and I think it is one of my better photos! It was actually taken by my boyfriend who was kind enough to help me shoot some pictures in the nearby forest.


Etsy shop is finally almost entirely set up. It is also getting consistent views through the Christmas cards but also my blog. I have made a link to it in the menu like you can see and it actually drives traffic!

Etsy stats November.PNG

Sales, however, are not really happening. I can think of a few reasons, one being that maybe my prices are not okay. But also my products.

I think it would be amazing to actually work in series for my artwork and try some new styles. I hope to show new stuff after my break!

I finished only one digital work this month, but I do think it turned out better than any work before that. Like I said I want to work more on this over the break.

  • more art related posts
  • make more work!


So I hope to see you all in the new year with another update post! I can’t wait to see what this month will bring me.

While I first felt all over the place I can finally say that I feel like the ball is starting to roll and I’m going in the right direction.

Again I can’t thank people enough for te support all the way through till now. So many friends and family showed up to read this blog but even more strangers that didn’t know me before!

I hope to inspire more people every day!

2 Responses to “3 months in; starting a creative business

  • Twitter definitely works, it’s give me a huge boost! I really need to get on Facebook and Pinterest- but UGH, the struggle is real! Good luck with your hosting switch over, and enjoy your break!

    • Pinterest seems to be the main referral for a lot of people but it doesn’t work at all yet for me! Twitter does indeed work better! Thank you so much Erin! 🙂

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