Which is better; writing on paper or on the computer?

As a blogger or business owner, you are probably writing a lot. Blog posts, descriptions, copywriting and social media are all things that need to be written. But what is the best way to write them? Are you a pen and paper kind of person or do you prefer to set your thoughts right on the screen?

Today I wanted to explore if any of the two is better then the other. Do people who write on the computer a secret advantage?

Of course, as a blogger, you always end up typing in your posts. But this is mostly to see if there is a benefit to writing on paper first.

(Hint; I wrote this post on paper first.)

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How to get project excitement back

Know that feeling when you come up with a new project and you are just so excited. You have thought it all out. The first few days you get the most amazing insights on what to include. You have started your first (20) drafts. Then your excitement just sizzles out. Maybe you made your project to big, maybe you just don’t really feel like it anymore?

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Habitica The site that makes being productive easy & fun

Do you sometimes feel like everything you do is a chore? Are you just idly working away on your to-do list etc? Is being productive fun to you?

I have found the most amazing site ever that makes all you chores, to-do’s and more in a great fantasy game!

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Productivity and science; How does it work?

Productivity is the art of getting work done. Everybody wants to be productive as it is not only an amazing feeling but also great for whatever you are trying to do. Getting projects done, writing your blog and even painting sometimes involve being productive.

I have talked about productivity a lot on this blog. Mostly because being productive is a daily struggle sometimes.

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How to organise your blog & business using Trello

Organise your blog and business even better with the free site Trello!

Do you sometimes feel like ideas, to do’s resources and the rest of your blog and business is all jumbled and disorganised?

Trello is a free site that can help you organise anything and everything!

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3 of my favourite sites to enchance productivity

Being productive is nor easily done and some days it feels harder than others to get things done. The reasons might not always be clear but disorganisation, stress or distractions are a few examples.

Luckily the internet is full of helpful tools to help you get back in the flow of things.

These are three of my favourite sites to help you get on the right path.

3 sites that enhance my productivity and help me get more done every day. Check this list out if you are searching for tools to help you stay on top of work.

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1 simple trick to find the motivation to keep going

Monday I did not post for just one reason. I lost confidence and drive. I though I had no reason to continue because I did not have a reason for it too.

But despite everything I’m here today with the other posts. It might take some time to get my passion back but giving up isn’t an option.

There are ups and downs in any journey! So how do you get past dips in motivation and the feeling of utter despair? 

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