How to make the best photograph of your artwork

Many of the artists who start their online career need to get their artwork online. Luckily this is not as complicated as it may sound. This post hopefully has all the information that you need. Have a specific issue?

Have a specific issue? I made a frequent problem section at the end.

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Blog photo prop must-haves for every kind of blog!


Ever get jealous looking at the perfectly styled pictures on other people’s blogs and Instagram? Because I do. And for the longest time, I didn’t know how I could get perfect blog photos myself.

Now granted a lot of those bloggers have better photography skills and better cameras, but they also have gorgeous stuff. I might not have the practice yet, and those cameras are expensive. But I can and will have pretty blog props that allow me to beautiful style my pictures.

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What I learned from food photography for my art blog

If you have been around for a while then you know that I have struggled a lot with photography for this blog.

Photography is just not my strongest point. But like all things in life, if you keep learning you will get there (I hope).

One source of beautiful photos is magazines. I used to spend hours reading cooking magazines and Pinterest posts with wonderful food and the first thing I always noticed was the amazing photography. Food photography is by no means easy, but when you get it right you can get your reader drooling over it.

I began to notice some things that make food photography so good.

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How to work on your blog-photography

Do you struggle with your blog photography? So do I! But while learning I have found some amazing ways to work on it.

Not all of us are born photographers. There is an art to it that I for one do not naturally possess.

Visual content is getting more and more important. When you write blog posts, people prefer it when you interrupt your content with big beautiful images.

This way photography has become a key element for blogging.

So I have worked a lot on blog photography and while I was doing so I learned a few things!

blogphotography tips.jpg

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10 great ideas for blogging photos when nothing fits the theme

You know those posts that don’t seem to have any relate-able photos or where you can’t seem to find anything fitting. Some posts you just know what to put with. Are you talking about your favourite lipstick, surely you will include a photo of it? But some blog posts are not so easy to capture.

Since the visual aspects of blog posts keep being more and more important, having some nice pictures is one of the easiest ways to accomplish just that.

I have 10 blog post photo ideas for when you have no idea so you can still make your posts look beautiful.

1. Nature up close

One of my favorite kind of shots. Nature up close can look so different than when you look at an entire forest or something.

Shots like this are so easy to make since you can take everything from the houseplant to the local park.


These can be great for any blog post since you can really make the mood anyway you want. You can make soft pink flowers, for example, for a personal blog post.

2. Landscape

If you are out there anyway then why not take some nice landscape shots as well. You can use them for motivational posts or travel. The mood can change with the season so if you find a good spot you can always come back for different weather or light.


3. Stationary

Almost every blogger uses these. They are great for when you talk about blogging, business, or motivation. Just gather your favorite stationary, and make a nice setup. Shots from above are so popular and so easy to put together. The more stationery you have the more kind of picture you can make.


Also trying a new background can really change your shots.

4. Get creative

Who doesn’t love drawing painting or any other craft? You can also make some very beautiful shots while working on your craft and later use them for blog posts. Maybe for a metaphor on creating.


5. Glitter and lights

I love glitters! I love lights. A room full of candles or fairy lights looks magical to me. Glitter and lights really can make beautiful pictures for decorating a blog post with. Since they can be so natural I think these are ideal for when you really have nothing. Just take out the Christmas lights, light some candles or spread you favorite colours of glitter out on the table and you have a beautiful shot.


6. Foods and drinks

I think food and drinks are a great universal picture. Coffee & tea can make great photos for serious posts or personal chats. You can illustrate you summer stories with lemonade.

Cakes, cookies and candies come in every colour and there is probably always one that fits your blog.


7. Trinkets

If you are a messy person like me you probably have these all over the house. So I thought we could also use them a little more the just letting them get all dusty. I love making shots of jewelry or use of my old toys to make a cute shot.


You can really make these exactly like you want and photograph all the things you ever bought.

8. Home decor or your office

Instead of just shooting one trinket you can also shoot an entire bookshelf. Home decoration pictures are not very hard since you can just photography what is already there.  These are great for talking about homely days or anything that you want to have a comfortable feel. Another very popular shot is your workspace.


9. Self-shoot

Show a little self-love or show a little of yourself to your readers. Just grab your camera and maybe a friend and go outside! (or stay in really it is all up to you!)

Images which include human tend to get more interaction on the interwebs!


10. Anything really!

From the window to the wall. You can really do anything.


Let me know which kind of photos you like most! 

Props For the perfect blog photo?

Photos.. Photography… If you have been here for a while then you know that it is not my forte. Not only does it need to have a theme, it also needs to look pretty.

Recently I’ve been trying to really pay attention to my visuals. Not only for my blog but also for my Etsy shop. That is why the last two product have far better pictures in my opinion than the rest does.

To really get me going I decided to invest in some props so I could style all my photo’s in the theme that I want. As I mentioned in my 5 rookie mistakes post I really wanted to work on this.

Props For the perfect blog photo-  pinterest

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