I want to be a professional artist; Do I need art school?

One of the most pressing question for artists; “Do I need art school?” I think this is such and important, but also a personal question. I can not give everyone a yes or no answer. The undeniable truth is that art school can be a great asset for you. However, there are also

The undeniable truth is that art school can be a great asset for you. However, there are also workarounds and things to consider before you decide if you really do need it.

That is why this post is about getting a lot of the information, and different peoples opinion, so you can make the decision yourself.

So should you go to art school?

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Social media blunders and how to face them.

It is no secret that I am not the best at social media and such. Half of the platforms I only know half of the functions of and etiquette isn’t my best side as well. (Why does it have to be different everywhere.)¬†

I am not rude or mean (at leats I never try to be) but sometimes you make mistakes and here are the ones I made and how to fix them!

Hopefully, this will maybe help you. Plus, if this ever happens or happened to you we can all relate and maybe be slightly less embarrassed.

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6 months in; starting a creative business

I flopped this month, totally flopped. What is flopping? I am not sure but it sounded like a great word to describe this month in creative business.

Last month was quite the month, I made my first income and I did a lot of amazing stuff and then this month nothing.

I did start 10000 ebooks (or 3) and I have finally started writing my blog post in advance (more than 5 minutes in advance) But it is the networking and promotion department where I just didn’t do enough this month.

6 months in; starting a creative business. Everything from stats to plans. My honest journey to starting a business with no prior knowledge!

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