5 things we can learn from successful artists

What are some things we can learn from successful artists? Learning from people who have walked the path is a great way to get insight in what leads to success.

Just to be clear; I am not just talking about the traditionally successful artist. A lot has changed in the ways artist make a living from their passions. The internet has given us many different ways in which artists can make money and grow a following.

These are things I have learned from some of my favourite artists online, that make their living from art in one way or another.

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Inktober 2016; enjoying the end results!

It’s the end of Inktober 2016. If you are confused about what inktober is I have the introduction posts here. 

I had an amazing time but I didn’t finish 31 drawings. I did, however, did some drawings that I really liked. I am really pleasantly surprised at how much better I think I got with ink. Especially with the brush pen, I feel so much more secure now.

But since I have some last drawings that never made it to Instagram I thought I would give a little overview here and share some new ones.

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Gimp vs krita; Free digital illustration progams

If you want to get started in digital illustration or art but you do not have the budget to afford photoshop there are a lot of great programs out there you can use for free.

Two of them are Krita and Gimp. Both are free and I have used both a lot. I thought I would share my experience with both of them for any new artist out there who don’t know which of the two to choose.

I have tried a lot of digital programs for illustration and Gimp & Krita are definitely there with the best free software.

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3 marker Challenge; How to get the best out of expensive art supplies

Art supplies can be quite expensive and not everybody has the money to indulge in all the expensive art supplies they want. One of these very expensive brands is Copic. While their brush markers are amazing and one of a kind almost, their least expensive marker (Ciao) costs around 3,55 euro a piece here in the Netherlands.

That is why I will upload some 3 marker challenge throughout this piece while talking about how you can deal with expensive art supplies.

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