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I personally really love looking at other peoples their sketchbooks as mentioned before. Recently I found some other amazing sketchbooks online. For the character animation program of CalArts (California), people are required to submit sketch books as their application. The level of these drawings and sketches are amazing. If you search these on youtube the results are endless and many of the not-accepted once are just as good!

In these sketchbooks, the following is required or asked;

Application Portfolio Requirements:

Part I: Observational Drawings (minimum 15 drawings)

Part II: Sketchbook / Visual Diary (filled or completed sketchbook):


  • Sketches from your everyday life.
  • Drawings that illustrate film ideas and story concepts.
  • Thumbnails of scenes that you plan to animate one day.
  • Random jottings that interest you.
  • Character designs.
  • Studies of images from films or other sources you like.

Part III: Other Work


Many of the people who send their sketchbook in, film them in case they are lost or to share with their followers. Please check out some of my favourites;

Accepted CalArts Sketchbook 2015

CalArts Sketchbook 2015 (Rejected)

My 2014 CalArts Sketchbook – Rejected

Do check them out and let me know if you find any favourites!


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