Productivity and science; How does it work?

Productivity is the art of getting work done. Everybody wants to be productive as it is not only an amazing feeling but also great for whatever you are trying to do. Getting projects done, writing your blog and even painting sometimes involve being productive.

I have talked about productivity a lot on this blog. Mostly because being productive is a daily struggle sometimes.

Productivity and science. Uncovering some myths and a talk on what productivity really means and how it is achieved. + info-graphic

Last month I talked about my top 3 sites for being more productive. Most of these actually were related to being relaxing which I think is a big part of being productive for me. If there is one thing that makes me less productive and less creative it is being stressed. So how does productivity work?

What is it?

Productivity is mostly seen as the output of work and or products. Meaning that everything you do could be considered productive. Often we refer to productive if the work and or products are meaningful to a goal like studying or your job.

For me productive means I have worked on my blog, art and or business. For you, this might mean something else. Defining your idea of being productive might help with getting the desired results!


Ever wondered what really works for your productivity? Everyone has their own trips and tricks. New methods rise by the day. Some of them sound more logical than others and not everything works for everyone. However, there are some things that are widely accepted ideas about productivity that might not be 100 % true.

But let’s look at some hard science. Are the things you thought to be true reality. How much do you really know about productivity?

Myth or Reality? 7 Tall Tales About Productivity

Click to Enlarge Image

Myth or Reality? 7 Tall Tales About Productivity
Infographic by Quill

Let me know which of these surprised you most.

My favourite is actually the first one, proving that long work weeks and hours do not equal more work done. Don’t you think it is crazy that we try ourselves to work as much as possible why really it would be more effective to work on a good schedule?

How to actually be productive

I think that this really proves that the only way to get really productive is by finding something that works for you.

This means not just bullet journaling because everybody is doing it but only doing it when it works for you.

ways to plan;
  • bullet journaling
  • block planning
  • normal planner
  • things I have not thought of yet

There are many great ways to increase productivity like the Pomodoro technic and SMART goals.

Like I said before it is all about what works for you. For me, I like working in longer blocks of time. I like calendars (and trello) and week overviews for planning so I can see what goes where and when I am free. To do lists can keep me organised when I am feeling overwhelmed.

It might not be one thing that makes you productive but a system of different things.


What helps for your productivity? Do you have a system? 

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