My 3 favourite blogging tools at the moment

I took the term blogging tool a little broad since I wanted to mainly talk about this three regardless of how I use them.

These tools really made my blogging a lot easier and I think that is something that is always handy for my fellow bloggers. Blogging or content marketing can be so important to get te world to see your products (in my case my artwork). But since I started this blog I have been increasingly loving doing it.

However, when I started off I did have some difficulties. So I found some tools to counter those. I hope these are also helpful for you!

My 3 Favourite blogging tools at the moment for easier blogging and promoting! //

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Packing (small) artwork for shipping.

I thought I’d share with you how I plan to pack my work for shipping. Maybe this will give you some ideas for you own business. if you have any tips for me, do leave them in the comments.

As a starting creative entrepreneur, this is something that I think is very important. Having this system sorted out might help me later to save time.

I’ll be sending some drawing to people soon to see how that all works out.

As an artist who ships mostly original work, I want to have my work 100% protected while still looking nice. At the moment, I only have two sizes available; A4 and A6.

This is my how-to guide on my packing materials and how I packed them.

Packing artwork for shipping

Materials A4

  • Thick cardboard
  • Cellophane bags
  • Big envelopes
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Tape

Materials A6

  • Small cellophane bags
  • Tape
  • Envelopes

I have bought all my packing material in bulk so I would cost me less. Fortunately, I found a dutch site that offers small bulk amounts so I got 50 from each. I highly recommend really looking into this because It can save you a lot of money.

creative entrepreneur packing material

In total, this might have cost me around 30 euros to send off more than 100 works so I think that that is great. If business really gets rolling I can always buy in bigger bulk amounts which will make it even cheaper.

Steps A4

I would say that these are the most difficult. I’m not thinking about bigger formats yet since the shipping is very expensive but also because te risk of damage gets bigger.

What I plan to do with my A4 drawing is first to put them in a cellophane bag and add the thick piece of cardboard. The ones I ordered are 0,8 mm and A4.

cardboard against damage

packing the drawings

I then stick the bag shut and add extra tape so the cardboard and the drawing can’t move.

I then like to add tissue paper for a little extra padding but also colour. I’m also thinking of creating handmade thank you cards and maybe printing some business cards.

After I stick everything shut I just put it in the big envelopes. I hope that this way I can both protect my artwork and create a cute little package to open.

package ready to send

Steps A6

The cards are a little less exciting. I would love to keep these as light as possible so I can lower the shipping price. Since my cards are mostly watercolour cards, the paper that I’ve painted them on is far thicker than the normal drawing paper.

(240gr vs 120 gr)

Since they are less thin and thus less bendable and smaller, I don’t use cardboard for these. I did buy cellophane bags that fit some cards and some envelopes so I can send out cards in sets and include envelopes.

I personally think they look wonderful in their clear bags and I can’t wait to hear other peoples opinion. Of course, I want to include handmade thank you notes in these too since I think that is such a cute idea.

packing cards

Other ideas I have;

  • Adding my logo to the back of the cardboard or making a custom logo or sticker for that.
  • Tying the package with tissue paper and ribbons.
  • Adding a sticker or logo to the envelopes.

Other ideas I’m toying with are clear tape vs washi tape. I was originally planning on clear tape, but when I made the photos for this post the washi tape was the only one at hand.

It turned out super nicely. So I think that if I bought tape that fitted into my brand that that could be a very cute accent. Do let me know what you think about this! I would love to hear.

washi tape decoration

Overall I just want my drawing to arrive safely. I looked into a lot of options and I thought these were the nice. I really hope that the cardboard will keep de drawing from bending and sticking the cellophane bags to fit will hopefully prevent bended corners and such. 

I also found two handy Youtube clips for packing small work and large work.  I personally think her work is beautiful and these two really helped me when I wanted to know how I could best pack my work.

This was something that I did not really could find a lot about when I was searching around. I might not have searched hard enough, but I thought it could hurt to really include this kind of thing. It is all part of the journey. 

Let me know if you have any packing ideas or what delights you the most about a package.

I’m taking painting classes; Why you need to keep learning!

I think it is important to keep learning in the business. I love online resources and such to help me but sometimes getting direct feedback is even better!

Sometimes I feel almost embarrassed to say that I’m following classes for something that I try to make money with. But it really is a good thing to keep learning as a creative entrepreneur. I think that there is no such thing as knowing everything and since I have only been painting for around 7 years I still have a lot to learn.

Why you need to keep learning! I'm taking painting classes. Abot why you should keep learning, bad teachers and what I gained from this class

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How to beat feeling overwhelmed & get things done!

Sometimes things just seem so big that starting on them can be a massive block to overcome. Especially when you undertake those projects in the public eye as a creative entrepreneur.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be an honest journal of how I set up my own business. Like so many bloggers, however, I get sometimes over obsesses with the views and the stats. Of course, those are important to me as I want to set up a business but it wasn’t the main goal.

I really noticed this when I kept doubting about writing this piece. I wondered if it wasn’t better to write about how I pack my work or my top 3 blogging tools (all coming soon) instead of an honest piece of what I’m going through.

The problem is that if I want, to be honest then I have to share some downfalls as well. As much as the next person I want to be that 100% positive and motivated person that can go on endlessly to get to her goals. Instead, I’m just human.

So this is a post about how I’m not perfect but try to keep going anyway.

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2 months in; Starting a creative business

I can’t believe it is already the end of the second month. Time goes by so fast.

My feelings for this month are very mixed. At one hand I;m so glad I have been blogging and keeping up now for two months already. At the other end I;m feeling kind of stressed by the time going so fast.

I had set the goal to have something to show for within the year. Until now, however, I have still made no money (which is 100%- understandable and realistic but still kind of stressing).

So I hope making this post will not only show you my process but also put it in perspective for me.


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