What I learned from food photography for my art blog

If you have been around for a while then you know that I have struggled a lot with photography for this blog.

Photography is just not my strongest point. But like all things in life, if you keep learning you will get there (I hope).

One source of beautiful photos is magazines. I used to spend hours reading cooking magazines and Pinterest posts with wonderful food and the first thing I always noticed was the amazing photography. Food photography is by no means easy, but when you get it right you can get your reader drooling over it.

I began to notice some things that make food photography so good.

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My Favourite art books

I have a big love for books and of course for arts so artbooks are amazing. We have a lot of them around the house.

I have a few favourites between all of them. These I like most because they inspire me a lot. The difference is big so they are all inspiring in their own way.

Looking through these really inspires me to draw and try out new things.

My favourite art-books for inspiration. // sofiedoesart.com


sketchtravel front

This one is probably my favourite out of all of them because it is basically a sketchbook (my obsession) which is drawn in by all sorts of artists.

Not only does the book has a variation of artists and work, its format is also very interesting. I really like this horizontal sketchbook idea. I like it so much I am thinking of buying on in that format myself, even though I have more than enough sketchbooks.

The book is a travel sketchbook and is given from artist to artist all over the world. It has both one page and two-page drawings and text about the artists!


sketch travel preview

The world of Manga


This book is not just fun because of the book itself but also because of the memory. This is basically the guide to a museum exposition. I really love the exposition and learning so much about the history and development of this drawing style.

A local museum around here had an amazing exposition about manga and its origin and history. The book has all the amazingly beautiful images that were there and also all the information.

Manga preview

Colours in my hand – Ayoko Rokkaku

front colours in my hand

colours in my hand

This book is definitely the most colourful of them all. Again this is the guide that came with an exposition in one of the local musea. The artist makes fingerpainted colourful works based on a childlike style.

This book does not even need text because the fun and colourful images say enough! I loved seeing all her work in real life where it seems to look even more vibrant.

This book is a great inspiration to remember that you can experiment and try and learn as an artist. Looking at her work makes me wnt to get my hands dirty.

To me an art book that actually inspires me is the most valuable. If it makes me want to draw and try new things than I have a reason to keep coming back.

colours in my hand page

World museum of art

Another great book for this is World museum of art.

This book is simply gigantic and covers everything from cave drawings to modern artist. The images are huge and all very detailed. Short pieces of text tell just enough to know what you are looking at and what it means. I love this book not only to learn about all the great kinds of art out there but also for its great tendency to inspire me.

Looking through all the different art styles and works make me want to new things and mediums.

Like how the horses in the cave paintings inspired me to draw and paint them in that style but to try out new things with it.

horses in the moonlight

The only con to this book is that it is so big that I need to empty a table to lay it on before I can read it. This is not a lazy chair book . That also makes it more difficult to actually get it and open it. But every time I do is a source of inspiration.

Books are one of my greatest passion and I love how in Artbooks it get mixed with another great passion of mine. I like how those books can inspire me when I feel like doing nothing and how they learn me a lot about art simply by reading and looking at them.

Searching for more inspiration? Sketchbook inspiration; Calarts animation sketchbooks

I would love to hear if you’ve read any of these! Also, I would love to hear if you have any favourites. Maybe if I get a chance I can read those too.

My blogging and business goals for 2016

One of my favourite parts of the new year is the resolutions. That might sound a little strange but I think hey are amazing. A lot of people associate new years resolutions with failure because many people give up after the first month or so.

But that first month when everybody is motivated and everybody is working on them. I love that vibe of everybody trying to make their dreams come true.

So these are my goals for 2016!

Goals for 2016

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How to say “no” politely as a creative.

Saying “no” can sometimes be difficult. We don’t want to disappoint and aim to please as creative entrepreneurs.

However, if you don’t want to end up burned out sometimes you have to say no. You can’t handle every task/request or offer that is thrown your way. Schedules are full and some things you are simply not able to do to your own satisfaction.

How to say no to request as a creative entrepreneur or artists. I share 4 of my favourite ways to decline and when I would use them!

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