3 marker Challenge; How to get the best out of expensive art supplies

Art supplies can be quite expensive and not everybody has the money to indulge in all the expensive art supplies they want. One of these very expensive brands is Copic. While their brush markers are amazing and one of a kind almost, their least expensive marker (Ciao) costs around 3,55 euro a piece here in the Netherlands.

That is why I will upload some 3 marker challenge throughout this piece while talking about how you can deal with expensive art supplies.

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Productivity and science; How does it work?

Productivity is the art of getting work done. Everybody wants to be productive as it is not only an amazing feeling but also great for whatever you are trying to do. Getting projects done, writing your blog and even painting sometimes involve being productive.

I have talked about productivity a lot on this blog. Mostly because being productive is a daily struggle sometimes.

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Stop learning, start doing; my main tip for the new entrepreneur!

When you are a new entrepreneur eager to start your own blog and business and wanting to grow you will ultimately find all the advice posts that the internet has to offer.

I am one of those bloggers & entrepreneurs that are subscribed to a thousand emails lists and pour over every article that promises me more readers and interactions. Even though I have spent so much time reading millions of articles, emails, ebooks and more I still only have around 20 page views a day if I am lucky.

While this is a wonderful number and I am grateful for everyone who does read my content, it is not something you will make a living off.

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7 months in; starting a creative business

[symple_highlight color=”gray”] Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. ~ Auguste Rodin[/symple_highlight]

7 months is a long time and sometimes I feel like I haven’t done a lot yet. I tried my best at promoting this month but despite my best effort, this month was my worst month.

Through recent events, I think it would be saved to say that maybe I need some other tactics to promote my blog/shop/business.

But we are not giving up yet.

I still have 5 months to go. Greater things have been done in less time.

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