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Do's and don'ts of promoting your art

Do’s and don’ts of promoting your art

New to promoting your art online? Not sure how to do it? Here are some simple do and don’ts for...

How to set up multiple income streams as an artist

Are you an artist that as an unsteady income? Living from paycheck to paycheck? Then you might need multiple income...

How I got on with my goals in January

The first month of 2018 is almost over! I am always confused by how fast the time seems to go...

How to make a really good content calendar that works

How to make a content calendar that actually works

Is this familiar to you? You have read 100’s of posts on making a content calendar. You know how to...

How to use a workflow to be more productive

My workflow for blog posts & how to get more done using one!

How can something as simple as a workflow help you do so much more in less time? If you haven’t...

Find more focus on your business to get more done

Last few weeks I have been thinking lots about focus. “Focus” is such a weird concept but it can change...

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